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M08614 Ecotours-BC, owned and operated by Gary and Peggy Zorn, is a grass roots outdoor adventure company specializing in Grizzly Bear watching . Along with that comes nature, wildlife, and outdoor adventure amid the magnificence of the Cariboo Mountains.

Discovery is part of human nature. At Ecotours-BC we focus on the discovery of nature combined with the delivery of quality in diverse recreation experiences and genuine Canadian hospitality. This makes Ecotours-BC’s Lodge in the heart of the Cariboo Mountains the place where your dreams come true. Commune with nature, see a grizzly bear, expand your birding knowledge and much more. It is a place of renewal that creates desire to become part of the natural world or create a new family tradition. You can count on Ecotours-BC to build your connection to nature through our diverse wildlife and nature experiences. Meet the Cariboo Mountains “bear whisperer”. Gary Zorn has a passion for grizzly bears, the signature species of the Canadian wilderness. He has devoted his life to studying the habits, habitat and nature of grizzlies and has many humorous bear stories along with a great respect for them.

Imagine drifting down an untamed Canadian wilderness river - a river where the salmon have returned annually for eons, surrounded by nature, wildlife and the inspirational simplicity of mountain beauty. The early morning mist is just lifting off and a large grizzly appears out of the mist in front of you. His quest -catching a wild sockeye salmon for breakfast. A pure and intimate
experience with nature!

This is what Ecotours-BC is all about! This is what Canada and British Columbia is all about! Authentic experiences. Lifetime memories. Life changing moments in nature. Come and experience it!

Situated in the heart of one of the most unique and diverse areas on earth, the Cariboo Mountains watershed drains over 12,000 sq km of land that has it’s own unique biogeoclimatic zone. This makes it a rare and interesting nature study with a unique and rare interior old growth cedar—hemlock rainforest, subalpine spruce, fir, willow, birch of the and alpine tundra of the high mountains. The rugged mountain terrain is home to a wide variety of animals and the wetlands are a particularly rich staging area and home habitat for a varied and numerous bird population. Whether you come for the sheer pleasure of observing nature and life in such a unique ecosystem, or whether you are a novice or amateur naturalist or a research expert, you will find much to pique your curiosity.

This rare ancient forest, with trees over 1000 years old, teems with unique life, rare plants and lichens, wildlife - including mountain grizzly bears, eagles, song birds and migratory birds, all in their natural habitat. One of the richest and most diverse ecosystems on the planet, it surrounds the deepest fjord lake on earth – wild, remote, untamed and endlessly green. The waters of the Quesnel Lake watershed annually hosts one of the largest wild salmon runs in the province and offers visitors a unique opportunity to view the “cycle of life” as it is in nature.

Our staff has a comprehensive knowledge of the geography, natural history, wildlife, birds and flora and fauna of the area. We have developed a strong sense of stewardship of the waters and lands we utilize for our outdoor adventure activities. This directs our primary goal of combining the management of our area and operations with the enhancement and conservation of the eco-systems and the life they sustain in the Quesnel Lake watershed. While guests enjoy outstanding beauty, fresh mountain air and the serenity of the great outdoors, our knowledge and experience also provides them with an opportunity to get to know and understand the area - a well-rounded wilderness adventure experience.

Accommodations—Located on the Quesnel River at the outlet of Quesnel Lake in the quaint village of Likely, British Columbia, at the base of the Cariboo Mountains Ecotours-BC’s lodge is spacious and comfortable . The lodge has 6 double occupancy bedrooms, a great room complete with stone fireplace, pool table and gift shop on approximately five acres of beautiful riverfront grounds.

The region is serviced by two airlines, Central Mountain Air and Pacific Coastal Airlines with several flights daily from Vancouver, BC. Ecotours-BC provides ground transport from Williams Lake airport. Guests may also drive to the lodge at Likely on paved roads.

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