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The third ranked Top Ten Rafting Destination is Idaho's Middle Fork Salmon River! 3-6 day, all-inclusive "pampered wilderness vacations." Choose mild or wild whitewater(raft/canoe/kayak), world-class trout fishing, Chukar hunting, or combo expeditions. Superb dining, entertaining staff, sterling safety record, unmatched pampering...join the ranks of happy repeat guests!

We are a small family enterprise that takes great pride in offering exceptional personal service. In fact, if you write or pick up the phone and call right now, you will be communicating directly with either Robin or I (Brad), who are the owners. I personally assure you that we will do everything in our ability to show you an adventure of a lifetime. We are so committed to your safety and enjoyment that I personally meet every single guest when they arrive and join every expedition for at least a portion of the week (barring any emergencies). Our guests are viewed and treated as family. We welcome you aboard for a wonderful adventure.

I was raised on a family farm in the very shadows of the Frank Church Wilderness and became an avid outdoorsman at an early age. I began my whitewater guiding career in 1986 on the Salmon River. From 1990 until 1999 I treasured every chance to be on the river while pursuing other adventures, such as being an Air Force fighter pilot flying for a NATO command squadron and flying corporate jets. In 1999 Robin and I purchased Sun Valley Rivers Company which had already been providing quality trips on the Middle Fork for 20 years and we changed the name to Adventure Sun Valley. We now operate this business full time.

While flying some of the world's highest profile businessmen and celebrities around the world, I've learned that even if we as a crew successfully navigate through a dark, blustery storm and execute a very difficult approach and landing, only to find that the limousine is late, the whole trip can be bust for the client. We strive to apply the same principle to outfitting: an uncompromising dedication to safety, coupled with attention to the smallest details, to ensure each guest an unforgettable expedition.
(Brad - owner)

Interested in kayaking Idaho's Middle Fork Salmon River in your own kayak or creek boat with raft support from us? One possibility that's always available is paddling along on any of our regular Middle Fork Salmon River whitewater raft trips. The second possibility is to join one of our special kayak support raft trips. Each year, we promote our late May and early June dates as 5-day kayak support raft trips (water levels and sufficient bookings permitting). And, if you already have a large group interested in kayaking with raft support (or most kayaking with a few wanting to ride rafts), we can also run kayak support trips on any of our launch dates. Call early for best choice of dates.

Specialty kayak raft-supported trips feature longer hours on the water each day to maximize play time, a hot beverage or soup with lunch each day (during colder early season trips), and sometimes we'll even invite along Pete Patterson from Sun Valley, Idaho (or other world-class kayakers), to lead the descent. To maximize safety, our kayak raft support also includes putting at least one of our rescue-trained guides in a lead kayak for you to follow, and others in accompanying safety rafts, complete with rescue ropes and equipment. And, as always, our oversized gear boat will go ahead of the kayakers each day in order to have camp set up and waiting when you arrive, complete with a hot shower, tents, sleeping bags, Therma-Rest pads, hors d'oeuvres, gourmet food in the making, and dessert already baking in the dutch oven!

Skill prerequisites:

You must be experienced enough to navigate the entire river, consisting of class II-IV whitewater, under our lead. Your whitewater skills must include a very reliable river roll. This is not a trip for beginners in May and early June when the water flows generally peak, and the Middle Fork is at its coldest (definitely bring your drysuit). The river drops an average of over 30 feet per mile, with some sections dropping well over 50 feet per mile. If you're not of advanced skill, come later in the summer when the river is less pushy. Because we can't possibly stop and scout from shore every rapid in the 102-mile descent, you need to be very good at reading water. You will be expected to adhere to all our usual whitewater safety regulations.

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