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Base of operations: Canada
We'd like to put you on "The Guest List" as our guest, you will be treated to "distinctive" and "select" Privately Guided Small Group or Customized Travel or Independent Touring created for you to ensure you experience the very best of a destination. You're invited to our more intimate and special way of discovering the sites of the world, savoring its flavors and finding those cherished experiences that will last a lifetime. We specialize in designing travel to your specific interests by catering to the discerning needs of everyone from wine and food connoisseurs to the just curious; those who are looking to couple the beauty and tastes of the world's finest wine and cultural regions with the excitement of travel. (No interest in wine? No problem! We have created many tours that enthrall without the aid of any "fruits of the vine".)

M08969 has been offering its services since 1997. We work directly in association with our quality tour partners and leaders who bring between 5 and 15 years of direct experience within each of our destinations. As all of our tours begin directly at the destination we have the privilege of offering our service to a clientele base from around the world. When you travel with us, you get a unique immersion into new places, local cultures, ways of life and the "must see" sites from natural wonders and points of fascination, to famous, man-made landmarks and colorful local festivals and of course a myriad of fine foods and wines!

Our Small Group Tours (from 6 to 20 people) offer:
- A more intimate and indulgent style of travel.
- Access to unique accommodations.
- Access to certain select wineries, winemakers, restaurants and chefs.
- Private one-of-a-kind events.
- More flexibility in modifying some elements of the trip to suit our guests.

Our Custom Tours
We will establish your interests and needs, and work with you to develop an itinerary based on what you choose it really is whatever you prefer! Whether just for you, as a couple, or, if traveling with a small group of friends or family, Custom Touring ensures your trip will be filled with what you want to happen, when you want it to happen the ultimate travel experience!

So, just relax. Let us take the worry out of planning your vacation!
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Vacation Packages offered by supplier M08969
Hungary Winery Tour
Join us in uncovering this fascinating country, its wines, its people, its history and its culture. Experience the charms and luxuries of the old world and of times past.

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USD 4000 / Per person
Tour Package
Food & Wine
Duration: 3 - 28 days
Season: January - December

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 1  Holly / Excellent Service
This was one of the best companies I have ever worked with! Travel and Wine really worked with me to perfect my itenerary and make sure that we were satisfied. We had a wonderful trip! Thanks to Shawna!

 2  Holly Czuchna / Hungary Winery Tour
In was happy to use their services, everything was perfect.