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How does a man visualize the Beauty of Nature which must have appeared to explorers many years ago, progressive scenery with its suit vegetation from low up to highlands, flocks of birds and huge herds of wild animals. As the different species are from a common ancestor through evolution, which has shown how the genotype and phenotype of a population could change through natural selection, and from that point of nature profession led the derivation of both the name and Logo of the Company.

This implies that two or more groups of organisms, which can no longer interbreed, form different species such as Maasai and Reticulated giraffes in the wonderland of the world’s famous Serengeti Plains. As we are providing a worldwide professional service for you, sighting all varieties of culture and wilderness tourism attentive to budget & luxury camping safaris, lodge and fly-in safaris, mountain climbing & walking safaris, Ngorongoro highlands and trekking safaris, car hiring & bus, flight, boat, train tickets, Hot air balloon safaris, Hotel and lodge reservation; No matter your target may be we will hit for you!!

The Company was founded in 1997 by Robert Augustino, and it is owned and managed by Tanzanians. Nature beauties safaris management is made of a hard core of versatile dedicated hands-on people, who, because they own a share in the business, are personally involved and concerned with every aspect of running thereof. All of us without exception, have been on each and every tour we conduct, and are therefore well aware of exactly what we offer, and what our client’s expectations are.

Our expansion has been gradual and calculated. We now have a running guesthouse in Arusha town plus two landrovers, four Toyota landcruisers and two safari vans all designed for Safari. Our guides adhere to a strict code of ethics. All of the guides are will trained with long experience in tourism industry; some of them can speak different international languages to suit our customers need.

We having said all this, all that remains is you, the client. We aim at adventurous minded people of all age who through their own active participation in the tours get for more out of them than by sitting back looking for faults. However, don’t join us only for our price!! Join us because our adventure safaris are really how you wish to spend your time, and because you relish the thought of an environmental educative and adventurous experience.

Our approach is casual but professional. So, why don’t you discover the interior nature of East Africa, which captures the spirit of Africa with us.

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