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We began 9 years ago with the mission of introducing the unique culture, ancient civilizations and stunning natural beauty of Turkmenistan to visitors from all over the world. Over that time we have helped more than 15,000 travelers enjoy an experience that will forever remain in their heart.

We have developed tour styles ranging from sleeping under the stars at ancient ruins thousands of years old, to extreme treks and paragliding through mountainous terrain. Ayan works to guarantee your adventure is only limited by your imagination. We not only operate in Turkmenistan, but also specialize in offering cultural, archaeological, historical, ethnographic and adventure tours in all neighboring countries.

Our agency remains a company of and for travelers. The way we travel is as important to us as the places we go, and we are constantly innovating, searching out new adventures, and finding ways to improve established trips. Many of our tours take place in the less explored parts of the world, in the places where few foreigners have been before.

Turkmenistan remains by far the most unexplored country along the Silk Road. In the rainbow of colours that characterizes this vast strip of land stretching between China and Persia, Turkmen culture has preserved many nomadic and Shaman traditions. Linking Afghan, Persian and the sophisticated settled cultures of the Central Asian Khanates, many items and periods associated with Silk Road cultures have emerged from the largely nomadic Turcoman societies. This is evident in Turkmenistan's fascinating handicrafts, as well as its strong attraction towards mysticism and local customs and beliefs associated with other Silk Road cultures.

Throughout our short history, we have also remained true to a principle of concentrating on the quality, design, and uniqueness of the trips, and, above all, of ensuring that you have the very best trip guides.

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 1  David Rand / Verified User Review
An excellent trip, even superb: the attention by the office (Ayan), the guide, the vehicle, etc. I am delighted with this product!