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Supported and common-adventure bicycle tours in western Canada; customized bicycle tour packages; consulting services in bicycle planning and facility design; training and certification programs in tour leadership and organization. Unchain your spirit! Discover the joys of bicycling. Tour western Canada. Become a better cyclist. Enjoy your commute to work. Teach cycling skills to children and youth.

We are a small company committed to promoting the bicycle for recreation and transportation. What we offer:
- Supported and common-adventure bicycle tours
- Consulting services in bicycle planning and facility design
- Training and certification programs in tour leadership and organization
- Advocacy for safe and sensible use of the bicycle as transportation.

We offer only a few bicycle tours each year, emphasizing discovery and independence. At least one trip is entirely new, in which we allow participants to take part in the planning. Many cyclists join our trips because we respect their knowledge and love of cycling. Some come along to learn from more experienced colleagues, for the same reasons they join a local cycling club. Others come to gain experience and skills to tackle independent cycling adventures. We work with communities to make cycling more enjoyable for their citizens. We provide advice on developing bicycle plans, consultations in facility design, and guidance in safety issues.

We conduct Canadian Cycling Association courses for cyclists of all ages, including training instructors and tour leaders. We work closely with community groups and school boards to help young cyclists develop safe, responsible attitudes and gain greater enjoyment from cycling. Our instructors are knowledgeable cyclists who delight in sharing their love of cycling.

We provide a strong voice on behalf of cyclists everywhere. We support local cycling clubs and community efforts to promote cycling, encourage greater numbers of people to take up cycling, and speak out for cyclists' rights.

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