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M09066 offers active holidays, rural tourism and roundtrips in Transylvania. We are a Belgian - Romanian company and we started in 1998. We are active in developing Ecologic Rural Tourism in Transylvania. We work together with talented young people and ecologic clubs that want to give the tourist a different view of the country and its people. We work directly with house owners and owners of small hotels, so the money that comes in from tourism helps directly the mountain people to develop a better way of living.

The company is also instructing courses about tourism ecology and regional development. We are in the mean time directly involved in creating a better tourist infrastructure.

Eco tourism or sustainable tourism is relatively new in Transylvania. For many mountain regions it is or will be an important secondary income, at some places even the main income. As Nato and the European union are extending, the traditional way of farming will disappear and with that the traditional way of living for the mountain people. Unless extra incomes can be found or created. Tourism and then especially sustainable tourism proved to be a very good source of income.

About 10 years ago people started to offer rooms to foreign tourists. Before it was not allowed or discouraged by the communist government. That doesn't mean that the local people don't have experience in offering services. On the contrary. People were offering a bed to family or friends way easier than in Western Europe. A traditional Transylvanian house has a special guest room, in most cases the biggest and best room of the house. This room was never used by the owner of the house. The room was kept for the occasional visitor. This rooms are now offered to foreign or local tourists.

Active eco tourism is new. In many Western European countries lots of people start to become more aware about their way of living and some try to do something about it. Lots of people live again in rural areas or have there a second residence. There is again a lot of interest about how things were done in the past. How people were living, how they were preparing for the winter, how they were harvesting. Because the people here keep so strong to their traditions, you have here the perfect possibility to go back in time and take active part in their way of life, or more or less see how your ancestors lived 50 or 100 years ago.
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 1  Alan Wills / M09066
We had a great time, staying in self-catering accommodation. Very helpful organizer, very friendly local people.