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M09296 is an incoming tour operator based in Rome that, since 1998, can quote & book all kind of tourist services all around Italy. We can reserve hotels, organize tailor made tours, book local guides, restaurants, train tickets etc.. for individuals & groups.

We offer all the advantages of a small operator that can handle customers' needs in a flexible, personalized way, providing everything from the most classic services to complex and challenging ones.

Well aware of the astounding natural and cultural riches that Italy has to offer, we are constantly in search of new and unusual packages and services for your clients.

We can offer a wide range of hotel accommodations throughout Italy in all categories, both for individuals and groups and we can book centrally located apartments in Italy's art cities at very convenient rates.

We can handle every type of request for supplementary services, from guides to transfers, from private bus rentals to guided tours anywhere in Italy, from Italian courses to cooking lessons, from wedding ceremonies to choirs performances.

We will be glad to provide any information that you may need and to book accommodations for individuals or groups.

We look forward working with you.

Reservation of villas & apartments all over Italy in cooperation with Cuendet, leader of the market in Italy. Check for availability and book online.

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Reviews and Comments
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 1  Alex Polinsky / Verified User Review
Excellent service, no mishaps, helped to
adjust itinerary.

 2  Li-chi Po / Verified User Review
We recommend your service to friends. It's good for not "everything inclusive", so we had a lot of free time to do the siteseeings ourselves. Then eveything essential such as hotel, train, guided
tour(not too long), and transportation to the airport are covered.

 3  Sally Marshall / company very helpful tour horrible
The travel agent was fine and very helpful in arranging the tour we took - Lakes and Liguria. The sites visited were beautiful and 2 of 3 hotels were fantastic. However, the tour guide (“Lay-lo”) was by far the worst we have ever seen on a tour.

We started out 40 minutes late. After being reminded to be there 15 minutes early (7:45) and waiting, it was after 8:00 and no one had said anything about the tour and the front desk personnel knew nothing. Early commentary was primarily in Spanish, ... view more with a promise of English second. In reality, if the tour guide talked in Spanish for 10-15 minutes, he followed it with 2-3 minutes of English. We were fortunate that one of our fellow travelers spoke both Spanish and English and helped us a great deal. The first stop was Bergamo where we were dropped and he told us in Spanish to go right, nothing in English other than the return time. Our expectation, based on other tours was that the tour guide would guide us to the sites of interest. He did not. We found the sites of interest, to the left of where he dropped us, on our own. The next day he said there was some problem with the boat, which played a minor role in our plans, so he would leave us at the hotel until 11:00. We protested and finally he took us to Como instead. The description said we would go to the following sites that we missed: Villa D’Este, Varenna. We arrived in Dongo too late to see the Mussolini site, which the tour guide should have known. The next day we were not told about Verbania, although we must have passed through it. Of course by then the English version had deteriorated. The next day the optional tour was to be to Lake D’Orta. The tour guide said he knew nothing about Lake D’Orta and offered a private boat to 3 islands instead for a very expensive cost. The next day we went to Casale Monferrato, but he told us nothing of the history, just left us to explore on our own. Because of a holiday the Asti winery was not open, but he did not find out about that until the last minute. So, we ended up eating at a tollway restaurant, with no alternative to the Asti visit. After arriving in Genoa, the city tour consisted of driving to the port and then the hotel, We asked about Christopher Columbus’ house which we were supposed to see and were told we would visit it when we left Genoa (NB we did not ). The next day 3 of us took a Genoa city tour with a qualified guide and it was wonderful. The last day we left an hour earlier than we had been leaving, with no reason given. We drove through Genoa, covering some of the same roads as the city tour we had taken, but there was no commentary. We arrived in Santa Margareta to take the boat to Portofino, but it was raining, so they decided to drive us to Portofino in the bus. We arrived in rain, but were told that it would cost 60 euro to park the bus. So, he left those of us who wanted to stay and told us to take the public bus to a station where the tour bus could wait. Our visit to Pavia followed an expensive and less than good lunch at a tollroad restaurant, rather than going to Pavia, as we suggested. We had 1 hour in Pavia, with no mention of history or towers. The English commentary consisted of “duomo right, university left, leave in 1 hour.” We left 30 minutes before the duomo opened for visits. We arrived back in Milan between 4 and 4:30, substantially before we had expected, but in plenty of time for the guide’s plans with his girlfriend.

The bus driver was excellent, with our only complaint that he drank wine with lunch on at least one day, when he was still driving the bus.

 4  Jennifer Asarias / Verified User Review
I was very impressed with the convenience of hotel locations. The staff that helped to transport us from the hotels to airports were very prompt and helpful. On our last day in Venice, an accident on the bridge would have made us late for our flight, so the representative from your company hired a water taxi to transport us. I think this was very thoughtful and shows you have excellent standards of service. Thank you for making our trip so enjoyable.

 5  Robert Schwarzkopf / Verified User Review
Yes, my wife and I did take a tour with M09296 last year. Our experience was wonderful! They did a superb job of making the needed arrangements and selecting quality tours and hotels. Best of all, the price for the whole package including transpiration and tours was less than my wife and I would have paid if we had just booked the hotels ourselves.

 6  Jeanne Towar / Verified User Review
On a scale of 1 to 10 this company was at least an 11 in every catagory. They were absolutely THE BEST!

Their agent, Noemi La Fata was great - so patient with answering questions and making changes. We decided on a private tour. Noemi was extremely efficient. We did everything by email and there were many flying back and forth across the ocean. I was a little concerned, but everything was perfect. She arranged excellent hotels, private guides, cars, boat (Venice) and train tickets from Rome to ... view more Florence to Venice
and back to Rome, then to the cruise ship. All tickets and itiniary were waiting at our hotels and the guides and cars arrived exactly on time. The guides were very knowlegable, helpful and charming. There were absolutely no negatives. Their service could not have been better and I would be happy to recommend them to anyone.

I sent Noemi a "thank you" but if you could l

 7  Larry Richardson / Verified User Review
Disappointed in the tours in Florence and Venice as the tour guides tended to spend most of the tour in museum talking about paintings, etc. Felt there were many more sights/buildings etc that could have been visited instead of only one or two main ones. (just my personal preference).

 8  Julie Flake / Verified User Review
Med Incoming and Rep were very easy to work with. I personally worked with
Paola Guida, in which she tailored that package to what I wanted most. For
example, we eliminated Venice from the schedule and added another day in
Rome. She also provided us with opera tickets, tours and information on
attending a mass with Gregorian chanting, while also reserving tickets on
the bullet train to Florence. Their price was excellent as well as the
accommodations; she matched exactly the type room we ... view more specified. We loved
going to and from the airport by private transfer. She also included good
maps of each city when checking in at the hotel. The only thing we would
change, and keep in mind this had nothing to do with this company, would be
the 13 hour tour with Green Line to Pompeii. Out of 13 hours, only 2 were
spent in the ruins with a guide. The rest of time was wasted on lunch (2
hours very unnecessary) and touring a cameo factory (peculiar). When I go
back to Italy, albeit a different region, I will contact Paola first to plan
my trip. Ratings 10 in each category. You may use my comments regarding
this company.