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Since 1995, we have been educating on the unique part camels played in opening up America's West. M09303 activate in the Chihuahuan desert and Trans-Pecos regions of Texas. Explore the beauty of North America's largest desert and discover the history of the US Camel Corps of the 19th century. These camel-assisted walking treks put you directly in touch with the environment and amazing life that exists in this seemingly forbidding world. Participants will learn to groom, lead, saddle, load and unload their camels, all while learning about desert life in Texas and around the globe.

We have been featured in Southern Living magazine, Texas Monthly, Texas Highways, AAA's Texas Journey Magazine, and Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine as well as the New York Daily News, the New York Times, the Dallas Morning News, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio Express-News. National Geographic Explorer TV program included us in a segment on Canada's Odyssey Exploration Society, three Canadian adventurers who crossed the Arabian Desert after receiving camel-handling training. Creating new, innovative ways to share these marvelous animals with people is what drives us.

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 1  Nancy Adamson / Verified User Review
I took this trip and it was fabulous. Doug Baum is a great guide. We trekked out about 3 hours in the sand dunes. Stopped, set up camp and cooked dinner and camped for the night. He is entertaining, fun and obviously loves his camels. This trip is not for those that want to sit in an easy chair and sip mint juleps. We helped set camp up, helped cook and helped take care of the camels (who were wonderful and gentle and acted like big puppy dogs.) They ate apples out of our hands. I would recommed it ... view more without reservations to those who want to do something different and have a lot of fun laughing.