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We have been developing and operating alpine and expedition programs at the highest level since pioneering dozens of Karakoram treks for University students in the early 1990's. The company is the most active organizer of climbs and high altitude treks in Australia, and our work in seeking out and administering top end adventure experiences at cost effective prices has been chronicled in dozens of magazine articles and on National Geographic and Discovery Channel TV.

In 1997 we became an expedition and guiding company, and managed to maintain its ethos of low cost and high quality despite having left the embrace of the University. By this point the company had taken people to the highest point on the Earth's surface, to the top of the world's highest active volcano, to the top of the highest peaks in North and South America, on the longest ice traverse in the Himalayas, and forged new routes into areas that were, until recently, just 'blanks on the map'. Along the way we pioneered the first Australian organized efforts on the volcanoes and mountains of Ecuador, and became extremely proficient in Pakistan adventure tourism, taking more people there than all other Australian based operators put together. In 1998 National Geographic TV filmed a feature production on our South American expedition. A second film shot in 2002, also on NGTV, will go to air in January 2004.

We spend your money carefully so you reap the rewards...We have chosen to specialize in a few very well organized and led climbs or treks each year and do not produce glossy and expensive brochures, or pay travel agents commissions to book positions. That instantly brings the trip fee down by around $1000 per member, and ensures your money is spent where it should be; getting the best possible ground based services and support, and guidance in the field or on the mountain.
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