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Owner Douglas Trent lived in Brazil for 11 years, and started the company while there. Nancy, his wife and business partner, was there for the last 5 of that 11. While living in Brazil for a decade, he guided around 200 days a year in various parts of Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay. Adding that to the time our other guides have spent guiding tours, and we easily have operated more nature and birding tours in these areas than any of our competitors. I think it is safe to say we know the areas better.

For the majority of our 22 years of operating nature and birding tours, we have acted as the ground (inbound) operator for American and European nature and birding tour companies. You may know that tour companies that offer tours overseas are called outbound operators. The companies they contract for local expertise, to make hotel and transport reservations and either advice or create the tour itineraries are called inbound or ground operators.

With all of these clients, for the first 12 years of business we never advertised directly to individual travelers. Over the last decade, however, we have enjoyed some excellent coverage in the Washington Post, New York Times, Boston Globe, Business Week, Condu Nast Traveler and several newspapers around the world. We have also been recommended in many Brazil travel guide books, including the Lonely Planet, South American Handbook, Frommers and others, as well as the Birding Brazil Site Guide. While for years over 95% of our clients came through the companies you are no doubt more familiar with, over the last couple of years we have found that we are now getting about 70% of our business from people who have contacted us directly. The logical step for us was to start advertising and offering our services to the public.

With all of our staff except the owners still living in South America, we are also able to offer you tours on your schedule, and design them to meet your specific needs. Most outbound operators schedule tours a year or more in advance, design them to fit what they think most people will want to do and then try to fill them by advertising and publishing a catalog.

Our goal is not necessarily to show you the most birds, mammals or anything else. Our goal is to make you very happy, and we will ask a lot of questions to make sure we get it right. All of our tours are guided by English-speaking naturalists. They carry the equipment that will make a difference in how much you see: a spotting telescope, tape recorder and microphone to bring rare animals into view, and a powerful spotlight for night viewing. They will also have the bird and mammal guides appropriate to the regions where your tour goes. Our guides all use binoculars, and we can't stress enough the importance of each tour member having his/her own binoculars. In addition, we provide checklists of the birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians of each area we tour, with common English and Latin names. These help tour participants not just keep track, but also learn the animals they see.

While some of our clients don't have a die-hard interest in natural history, everyone enjoys seeing a monkey's face close up through a quality telescope. Everyone appreciates it when a hidden toucan hops up into view after their guide plays a tape of its raspy voice. And sitting down at the end of day to note what you've seen on a list always amazes people. Rarely does anyone remember all the animals they seen in any given day on one of our tours. When we bring the list up to date, you have a chance to look at the pictures in the guide books, and at the end of a tour can have an impressive ability to identify many of the birds and animals you have seen. The process also helps you remember just how much you have seen and learned on your tour.

We are also dedicated to environmental protection. M09464 was founded in 1981 to use tourism to raise money for biodiversity conservation, as well as environmental education. This has led Doug and Nancy to start a tax-exempt non-profit organization. We would be glad to tell you about our commitment to conservation, and welcome comparisons with other ecotourism companies.
Questions and Answers
M09464 is a high end nature tour company specializing in Brazil and other South American countries, using profits to preserve nature and alleviate poverty.

1. How long has the business been operating and how did it start?

I am a founder of the rainforest conservation movement, and started M09464 in 1981 in Brazil to use as a tool to preserve nature and alleviate poverty.

2. What is your company's mission?

Provide high quality nature and photography tours, to preserve nature, and to alleviate poverty.

3. What does your company specialize in?

Photography, general nature, jaguars, birdwatching.

4. Who is the founder or owner of the company and briefly describe his/her past activities?

Douglas Trent is an American ecologist living in Brazil and has been working in conservation since graduating with Honors in the Environmental Studies Program at Kansas University, USA.

5. What is your most popular travel package and why?

Our Pantanal jaguar tours are our most popular as I have documented 40 different jaguars, which are active during the day. I am working in partnership with ICMBio, Brazil's national parks department, to determine a baseline population of these cats and other animals, to help convince the Brazilian government to increase the size of the reserve. People like that we are not just trying to make a profit, but instead are trying to do good in the world. We have a 19' solid boat with a 115hp motor for our jaguar tours, giving photographers the stabilization they need and also we can cover much more territory, as we move quickly on the river. They also like the delicious food we provide on tour!

6. What is the best compliment you received from a client?

I have heard many times that although the client is well traveled, our tour was the best they have been on, and I am the most knowledgable guide they have been with.

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 1  Richard Clare / Verified User Review
Yes - I have just returned from my trip.

M09464 can be relied upon completely. They were absolutely first class and delivered to their promises. The only unnerving thing is that as they
are a small firm there is no communication other than by email. I took what most people would consider to be a big risk by sending off total payment when I was unable to authenticate their bona fides through normal comms channels. I'm glad now that I took this risk but it may put off many other potential ... view more tourists.

Would categorically recommend them as
experts in their field. Probably second to none.