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M09520 specializes in small group custom heli-skiing/ boarding tours on the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. Based from our remote backcountry lodge, you and 3 friends over a million acres of terrain across 7 valleys to yourself. We use the A-Star helicopter and run only 3 groups of 4 guests (guide: client ratio of 4:1). The smaller machine is faster, quieter and more comfortable, and accesses terrain that the bigger machines cannot. At M09520 you will find a remote lodge nestled in the heart of the deepest snow packs in the Rocky Mountains. Accessible only by helicopter, the private lodge gives you immediate access to over a million acres of unlimited, deep, dry Rocky Mountain powder.

Riding in small groups of four or less and staying in a private lodge with a maximum of ten guests, gives you a personal mountain experience unlike anything else in the industry. With M09520 you ride the best terrain personalized for your individual group and as much of it as you wish. You ski or board your week without ever seeing another set of tracks. At our heli-skiing we don't farm snow - we ride it! M09520 - 100% small group heli-skiing - nothing comes close! M09520 is private mountain lodge will add to the magic of the holiday season with custom holiday packages including family tours - children are welcome!

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