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M09820 offers once in a lifetime remote hunting trips for: Moose, Bear, Bison, wolf, Deer, along with fishing and trap line tours. Our success rate is fantastic with 200% for black bear and 100% for bison. We can accommodate groups and singles to make your trip as memorable as possible. Both rifle and archery hunters are accepted. Custom exclusive trips are available.

About M09820 - M09820 offers you the hunting adventure of a lifetime. Our experienced staff is committed to providing a safe environment for the ultimate whitetail deer hunts, moose hunts, black bear hunts, wolf hunts, wild bison hunts, fishing trips and trap line tours in the remote northern boreal forests of Alberta.

As a graduate of Biological Sciences Renewable Resource Management, I have a vast knowledge of animals, vegetation and related aspects of Alberta ecosystems. I support and practice ethical hunting and am a member of the Alberta Professional Outfitter's Society, Alberta Trapper's Association, and Edmonton Fish and Game. I'm an avid hunter with proficiency in bow and rifle as well as being a licensed Hunter Education Instructor with a certificate in Taxidermy.

Our camps provide all amenities and our friendly on-site cooks provide excellent meals and ensure all of our clients have an enjoyable stay. We have professional guides whose knowledge and experience will bring you back again.

Being an outdoorsman is my passion and my way of life. I am committed to providing you an experience you'll always remember. Contact us to book your next whitetail deer, moose, black bear, wolf and wild bison hunting trip, fishing trip and trap line tours.

Our moose, bison, and black bear hunts are generally ran out of tent camps. There will be 2 hunters for each 10X12 tent. The cook and guides will be in their own quarters. There will also be a cook tent, which will be used for a cooking and an eating area.

Deer and November moose hunters will generally stay in a local motel or bed and breakfast, as the areas are easier to access and the weather is a little colder and often there is a decent amount of snow.

Bears - Alberta has a large population of black bears and in some zones, like the one we hunt in, hunters can have the opportunity to harvest 2 bears. A big bear in our area would be about 500 or 600lbs and be 7 or 8 feet long. Our hunts run from May to mid June. We hunt black bears by two methods: over baits and "spot and stalk".

Hunting over baits is a very successful way to harvest bears and it is not uncommon for a hunter to harvest two bears in the duration of a hunt. Hunters often have opportunities to harvest wolves during this hunt as well.

Spot and stalk is definitely an exciting hunt. We will hunt off of logging roads until a bear is spotted, then stalk it to within range. Baiting is not allowed in most of zones we spot and stalk black bears in because grizzlies are present, therefore yielding a high population of good quality black bears.

The temperature in May will rarely dip below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Toward the end of bear season the temperatures are steadily climbing causing an increase in the bugs, so be prepared.

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