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Boating and Sailing Vacations

Do you catch yourself recalling the scream of a seagull, the marine breeze brushing your hair, or the rocking of the gentle waves? Then you can’t be seasick! You’re either “boatsick” or a sailing addict! And we are here to offer you a good energizing doze of boating and sailing!
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Boating & Sailing in Africa
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Boating & Sailing in Arctic
Arctic (2)
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Updated Packages
8 Day Fishing Adventure in Uganda 10% off.
A fishing tour in Uganda revealing the country's perhaps most picturesque fishing spot at the Murchison Falls National Park where the Nile’s beauty is perfected by the dramatic falls.

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USD 913 - 2015 / Per person
Boating and Sailing
Duration: 3 - 8 days
Season: January - December

Dolphin Watching on a Greek Island
Volunteer on the Greek Island Alonissos and help save the 4 dolphin species by assisting marine biologists on their daily dolphin tours. Work alongside fellow volunteers to protect marine life.

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EUR 750 - 850 / Per person
Marine Biology
Boating and Sailing
Duration: 6 - 7 days
Season: June - September

Yachting Trip to Greece
Join us to explore the Greek Islands during this one week charter on our Beneteau Cyclades 50.5. It is guaranteed to be an experience of a lifetime, full of luxury, relaxation and unforgettable fun!

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EUR 650 / Per person
Boating and Sailing
Duration: 7 days
Season: July - August

Angel Falls Adventure and Los Roques Archipelago, Boating in Venezuela
Two of the most iconic destinations of Southamerica in one shot! A perfect combination of adventure, relaxation, jungle, pristine beaches, blue and green waters, a must in Venezuela!

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USD 1050 - 1180 / Per person
National Parks
Boating and Sailing
Duration: 6 days
Season: January - December

Venezuela Trip, Adventure on Delta del Orinoco
Visit the mangrove swamps and virgin jungle of the Warao Indians and enjoy the abundance of tropical flora and fauna that form one of the largest deltas in the world.

- Contact Supplier

USD 295 - 380 / Per person
Boating and Sailing
Wildlife Viewing
Duration: 2 - 3 days
Season: January - December

12 Day Adventure Tour to New Zealand
Connection with the Natural World is an integral part of the process of rejuvenation and New Zealand offers the perfect environment to foster awakening and personal growth.

- Contact Supplier

NZD 4240 - 5405 / Per person
Boating and Sailing
Duration: 12 days
Season: September
New Zealand

10 Day Cultural Adventure in Senegal
Through this 10 day tour you will discover Dakar city, the capital of Senegal, and the north of the country. You will also have the possibility to explore its culture and diverse wildlife.

- Contact Supplier

USD 1500 - 1800 / Per person
Cultural Journey
Boating and Sailing
Duration: 10 days
Season: January - December

11 Day Cruise Tour, New Zealand
Have an 11-day spiritual tour to New Zealand. Our tours give you the space to clear your mind and become absorbed in your natural surroundings.

- Contact Supplier

NZD 4750 - 5860 / Per person
Boating and Sailing
Duration: 11 days
Season: December
New Zealand

Sailing and Snorkeling Tour in Tanzania
This wonderful 1 day boat excursion combines snorkeling with sailing and birdwatching.

- Contact Supplier

USD 35 - 80 / Per person
Boating and Sailing
Duration: 1 days
Season: January - December

Greek Islands on a Yacht
Discover the Greek islands in authentic way. Rent a cabin or the whole wooden sailing yacht for a private cruise.
EUR 1100 - 1500 / Per person
Island Vacation
Boating and Sailing
Duration: 4 - 21 days
Season: May - October