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Alaska Travel Tips

Alaska travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.

10 Goals of an Alaska Vacation Specialist
Submitted by M20965
1. Distilling the product information.

2. Investigating and supplying competitive information.

3. Staying abreast of the most current and timely promotions.

4. Analyzing the current promotions: The least expensive is not always the best.

5. Clarifying the fine print, such as cancellation penalties and restrictions.

6. Making recommendations for travel-related options.

7. Simplifying the research and save time.

8. Enhancing the trip with value-added benefits and amenities.

9. Using their ... view more clout to get the best possible in seemingly impossible situations.

10. Getting problems resolved.

Using an Alaska Airline Credit Card can save money
Submitted by M20862
Travel on Alaska Airline from different cities in the United States using an Alaska Airlines Credit Card. They give you a $99.00 companion ticket for a second person flying with you. $99.00 round trip to Alaska and back. This can reduce your travel cost by up to 50%.
Submitted by M17062
Both Rocky and Windy River are considered coastal watersheds which are impacted by the tide changes every six hours. Each high tide brings more fresh fish into the rivers and that equates to great angling action every day. You will enjoy regulated fishing rights to Rocky and Windy Rivers because our licensing agreement keeps the outside fishing pressure out. This agreement ensures fishermen the opportunity to work their fly rod without someone else on top of them or the freedom to wade to another pool or the ... view more opportunity to just wade around the next bend in the river because you seek the adventure, regardless; it's all possible without interference from anyone else. Fishing of this quality is priceless!
Fishing Equipment
Submitted by M17062
- We suggest a fishing vest to contain a small lure or fly box, line cutters, split shot, quality ball bearing swivels and 6" needle nose pliers.
- Lightweight waist or chest waders - hip boots are not suggested.
- A gore - tex hat.
- Quality rain suit - jacket will suffice with waist or chest waders.
- Quality "Polarized" sunglasses - this is a priority item if you want to catch fish.
- A small waterproof knapsack for your lunch, rain jacket.
- Lures
- Pinks - #2 mepps or Blue Fox vibrex, ... view more Rainbow trout, pink, orange or green colors, 1/8 oz. pixies and comparable small spoons.
- Silvers and Chums - #4 mepps or Blue Fox vibrex spinners in Rainbow trout, pink, orange or green colors and mepps #4 flying C and #4 long cast. Also we suggest you bring some with tails.
- Dollies - a 5/16 or 1/4 egg in orange or pink, soft gel eggs work very well if you can buy them.

Submitted by M17062
To reach our location requires a 20 minute flight from south from Homer, AK and depending on the weather conditions we will land in Port Graham or the Windy Bay wilderness strip. The camp is located in the Wilderness some 26 driving miles though the mountains from port Graham. The lodge location is removed from any other civilization and we rarely see anyone providing privacy and ample opportunities to enjoy the wilderness. It's setting is on Rocky Lake and provides for an awesome view as you look across the ... view more lake to the mountains above. Guests enjoy viewing wildlife and often see Otters, Black Bears, Eagles, Lynx, Blue Jays, Squirrels and even Ravens on their visits to the lake or through the camp. Rocky River is a short walk from the camp and most fishing locations are less than a 10 minute drive. Windy River is a 35 minute drive and offers incredible ocean views and wildlife sightings.
Submitted by M17062
Alaska can experience incredible weather changes from day to day. From mid July through August temperatures can range from the upper 60's to around 80° and September will bring cooler daytime temperatures and night temperatures in the 50's. For comfort and warmth we suggest you bring layered clothing that allows you the freedom to dress for the weather. A quality rain-suit and a gore-tex hat will assure your comfort during those not so friendly days. Additionally, quality polarized sunglasses will ... view more greatly enhance your vision while on the water and improve your fishing; guaranteed! September brings fall colors and colder temperatures. For comfort, fisherman should consider heavier clothes for layering and sleeping. Regardless of the weather, we always fish!
Careful Trip Shopping = Superb Experience
Submitted by M07433
Attention to detail and carefully doing your research will help maximize your vacation investment. Here are but a few things to keep in mind:

a) Shop early! The best offerings always fill up the fastest with returning and referred guests. Beware if there is more than minimal availability especially close to prime season.

b) Shop locally. This is a good eco-travel practice anyway, but is a great way to obtain the best experience. Local owners and operators typically know all of the local 'secrets' ... view more which can make a huge difference to an overall experience.

c) Be careful when 'bargain' shopping. A good conscientious operator will charge what it cost to provide an experience and stay in business. A careless or inexperienced operator may try to undercut the established competitors but not charge a sustainable price, hence provide a lessor quality product as well not remain in business long, or compromise your safety!

Follow these tips and use good common sense and you'll likely make a better vacation investment while having the experience you really desired.