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Austria Travel Tips

Austria travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.

Pre-travel Preparations
Submitted by M19372
First, get all the information.

Guidebooks, travelogues, travel literature, maps, and brochures are stepping-stones to start you off. There are the standard traveler's bibles like the country-and-city specific guides from lonely planet, fodors, rough guide, eyewitness, and footprint publications. Browse the titles you are after in a bookshop or library before buying any. Do not buy old editions because the very latest edition will still be at least a year old.

The internet is the ultimate resource. ... view more Look for travel forums where you can interact with the other travelers and post any questions you can think of. There are hundreds of traveler blogs to read, and your dilemma would be to choose the ones that would be relevant or of special interest.

Bring lots of single dollar bills for tips during endless airport transfers, hotels, and courtesy busses.

If you're going to a popular tourist attraction, buy your film at home! It usually costs a lot less than say, Disneyland, or Washington, D.D. or any other big vacation spot.

Buy your airline tickets online!But, beware! Sometimes it's a hassle but it can be worth the trouble!

Pub Crawl & Party Travel Tips
Submitted by M18499
Heading to Europe for a pub crawl or party adventure? Then think "light"...

A few days before you travel, lay out all the clothes and all the money on your bed - take half the clothes, and twice the money.

Ensure you have the right clothing for your tour. Temperatures in Europe can vary greatly during most times of year, and a good jacket is highly recommended.

You need only 1 pair of good shoes… dress code in Europe isn’t formal, and in the beer tents of Oktoberfest you WILL get covered in ... view more beer… don’t take your most expensive designer shoes :)

Rule number 1 of travelling: travel light! You’re pub crawling, not climbing Mt Everest (there aren’t any bars up there, are there?)