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Bahamas Travel Tips

Bahamas travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.

What Documentation do I Bring?
Submitted by M19203
As documentation requirements sometimes change and vary with visitor nationalities, you alone are responsible for ensuring that you have the proper documentation required for your entry into the foreign destination and your return. Please double check that you have valid documentation prior to booking your cruise.

Starting December 31, 2005, the U.S. Government is introducing new passport rules that will affect travel to many destinations. For information on obtaining or renewing a passport, visit the State ... view more Department's Website. Remember that U.S. passports are valid for ten years.
What Should I back on my dive trip?
Submitted by M19203
Your vacation is designed to be fun, relaxing and very casual. You will be most comfortable in lightweight, casual clothes and beach wear. You will most likely spend most of your days in swim wear, shorts and T-shirts. Light cover-up clothing, sunglasses and wide brimmed hat will protect you from tropical sun. Since the evenings can get cool, we also recommend a wind breaker or sweatshirts and light pair of long pants. A visit to your local dive shop for annual equipment overhaul and inspection is a good idea.

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- Shorts,
- Bathing Suits,
- Comfortable walking shoes,
- Casual Shirts or T-shirts,
- Casual Outfit,
- Wet shoes.

If you are sensitive to the sun:
- Long-sleeve shirt,
- Long pants,
- Cap / hats,
- Sweatshirt / lightweight jacket.

Dive Checklist:
- Scuba Certification Card,
- Mask and Snorkel,
- Fins,
- Booties,
- Regulator/ depth gauge,
- BCD,
- Dive Computer,
- Wet suit or dive skin,
- Underwater camera and video.

Personal Items:
- Toiletries (shampoo),
- Sunscreen,
- Sunglasses,
- A good book,
- Batteries,
- Hair Dryer,
- Camera, film, accessories,
- Bug Spray.

Please bring any prescription medications in original pharmacy containers to smooth your way through U.S. customs.

Valid Passport