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Bhutan Travel Tips

Bhutan travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.

Please be reminded to carry...
Submitted by M20574
Please be reminded:
• To carry the passport that matches the passport details indicated in the visa application.
• The passport should have their validity more than 6 months from the date of your travel.
• For all travelers flying via India to/from the kingdom of Bhutan, to have the Indian Visa prior to their departure from their country.
• Carry a copy of visa.
• Carry a copy of Druk Air Ticket.
Plan Your Trip to Bhutan
Submitted by M20574
1. Which is the most suitable season for me to visit Bhutan? Bhutan has four seasons. Every season has its own beauty and adventure.

2. When and how to visit Bhutan? Choose your traveling date like Arrival/Departure date. You also need to choose entry/depart Bhutan via AIR or LAND.

3. What are your itineraries? All the tours can be customized and extended as per our valued client’s requirements. There are sample itineraries for your kind reference and it will give you some idea of the likely trip ... view more scheduled.

4. Complete the tour request form and submit it to us. Send us correct name list. We will send you the Druk Air reservation status via email.

5. After confirming your reservation we will send you the Visa Application Form & Invoices for your payment. Please remit us all your payments. Please send us the Visa Application form after filling it and also send us the copy of remittance paper via email or fax, for follow up with Bhutan National Bank.

Visa will not be accepted without full payment.

6. We will send you the Druk Air Ticket either to your home country or to the Druk Air counter and Visa Clearance Copy.

7. Start packing and looking forward to have a memorable trip in the Land.

Thunder Dragon, Druk Yul.

Bhutan Travel Insurance
Submitted by M20574
We highly recommend that guests purchase your trip insurance from a travel agent or insurance provider from your country, to cover any cancellation eventualities including cancellations based on medical grounds and other travel interruptions.
Bhutan Visa
Submitted by M20574
Visa is compulsory for all visitors entering Bhutan except for Indian Travelers. You have to send the visa fee of US$ 20/per person along with your other payments. At entry port the visa is stamped on your passport. All visa applications must reach Bhutan least 14 days prior to the intended arrival date. Visas are issued only when a confirmed booking through a Bhutanese Licensed Tour Operator is made. Bhutanese Embassies and missions aboard do not issue visa for entry to Bhutan.

In order to board Druk Air you ... view more need visa clearance. Your visa clearance will be forwarded to Druk Air office and also we will forward the copy to our respective guests. We will send you the Visa Application form to our guest once the booking is confirmed.

We will process your visa upon the receipt of your tour payment and a copy of the approval visa, Druk Air Tickets, Hotel list and other necessary information will be sent to you prior to your departure to Bhutan. Extension of visas, for up to 6 months, can be obtained in Thimphu at a cost of Nu. 510. Entering Bhutan: Entry points into Bhutan are by road through Phuenstholing and Samdrupjongkhar in the south or by air in Paro. Druk Air, the national airline is linked to Bangkok, Delhi, Kolkata, Kathmandu, Bangdrogora and Dacca.
Baggage: All visitors are required to complete the customs form upon arrival at Paro.

The following items are exempted from customs duty:
• Personal effects for day to day use.
• 2 l of alcohol.
• Instruments, apparatus or appliances for professional use.
• Photographic equipments, video cameras and other electronic goods.

Submitted by M20094
Due to wide range of temperature and climatic conditions it is advisable to bring appropriate clothing. For protection against cold layered clothing is better than a few thick ones, so choose your cloths accordingly. Cloths should preferably be made from natural materials, which allow the body to breathe

You will be offending people if you walk around in skimpy or tight fitting clothes. Although there are normally opportunities to wear shorts, we would advise women to wear skirts or loose trousers, men ... view more should not wear singlets. During visit of monasteries, Dzong and other religious institutions you should not wear shorts & hats.
Important Information
Submitted by M20094
Tourism has been strictly limited in Bhutan so that traditional culture can be preserved and nurtured. The Bhutanese are highly religious people and therefore it is important to show respect and understanding for local customs, way of life especially while visiting religious institutions.

The tourism industry in Bhutan is founded on the principle of sustainability meaning that tourism must be environmentally and ecologically friendly, socially and culturally acceptable and economically viable. And for these ... view more reason the number of tourists visiting Bhutan are kept to an environmentally manageable level.
Visiting Bhutan.
Submitted by M17685
Some of the drawbacks in visiting this beautiful country:
- The government regulates the number of tourists who enter the country and we ask that if you are going to go to Bhutan you give us and our representatives in Bhutan at least 3 to 4 weeks to obtain your Visa.
- You can access Bhutan from several airports. DRUK Air, Bhutan’s only airline and only airline into the country, flies daily out of Bangkok and twice a week from Delhi to Kathmandu to Paro. The planes are new, AirBus 319, and extremely clean.
- ... view more Your trip into Bhutan must be paid in full at around $200USD a day or more, depending on what you choose to do. That may seem high, but that price includes hotel, a car and driver, a guide and three meals a day, and also all entrance fees to monasteries and other places.
- The other drawback is that you cannot pay with a credit card anywhere and there are no ATM machines to ease that difficulty.
- Lastly, immigration at the airport is slow and very frustrating. No computers and they take about 5 to 8 minutes per person. We spent 80 minutes in line and the flight from Kathmandu was only 55 minutes.

Trekking Safety
Submitted by M15328
Trekking tips for Trekker's from Adventure Pilgrims Trekking Pvt. Ltd.

1. Don't walk alone. Accidents do happen even to experienced and strong people. Be sure that if one happens to you, that someone is with you to immediately get help. If you are leaving your companions, even briefly make sure they no where you are going and someone waits for you to return...this includes going off in the forest for a call of nature.

2. If you are part of a trekking group, make sure that the Guide or Group Leader ... view more knows your plan and ask that a Porter accompanies you. Listen to advice. Ask about the trail ahead. Don't go, if the Guide or Group Leader tells you it is not safe to do so.

3. Always have at least a light jacket and some small snacks in your pack. The jacket is helpful when you stop for a rest as you will cool down quickly. An "emergency blanket", the lightweight, foil reflective type would have been very useful in making a shelter to reflect heat from the fire or simply wrap around her body.

4. If you are part of a group and feel that you must have some personal space and private time on the trail...make sure that you do not go ahead of the leader.... and know who is at the back of the group (support staff member) and make sure you do not get behind that person. If your Guide or Group Leader does not suggest this type of an arrangement....ask them. Everyone in the group should be aware of the guidelines (safety rules) recommended for the group's management. Don't perceive these guidelines to be limiting your personal freedom....they are for your safety and the safety of other group members.

5. Remember when one person fails to be guided by safety standards, they put others at risk who are part of the search and rescue team.

"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it" (Viktor Frankel