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California Travel Tips

California travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.

Planning an Active Family Reunion
Submitted by M20502
Planning an Active Family Reunion

A family reunion can be a memorable and wonderful event. However, planning for a big get together can be difficult and time consuming. A great (and easy) idea for an active family is an eco-friendly self-guided inn to inn walking trip.


Walking makes for good conversation. There is nothing better than a long walk to catch up with family members. Walking is an activity that most every family member can participate in, whether they are teenagers or grandparents. There ... view more are many ways to include those with limited walking ability in the meals and other activities so they don’t feel left out. Self-guided means that everyone can start walking each day when they want to. Sleeping in for the teenagers, up early for the parents. It’s OK, you’ll all finish at the next destination that evening. Freedom and togetherness - a great concept.

Inn to inn means you stay each night in a new (and memorable) place with interesting places to explore and restaurants to experience.
Eco-friendly means you’ll help save the planet by staying on your feet, no cars allowed. Nothing but fresh air, quiet comforts, and communing with nature.

If this sounds like a perfect family reunion, drop me an email and tell me about your family dynamic and the best dates for your event. I’ll work on the logistics, distances, hotels, meals, and transportation. You’ll be able to create a perfect active vacation to your family members, whether teenagers or grandparents.

Don’t put this off, an amazing and unforgettable journey awaits.

Enjoy Clothes Free Vacations WA State
Submitted by M13462
Washington state has more nudists and naturists venues per capita then CA. Enjoy family oriented clubs to hot springs to an adults only nudist and RV resort in some of the most wide open spaces. Californians will truly enjoy the green and fresh air travel which WA offers. Canadians can cross the border into WA and find a resort to club less then 4 hours travel away and affordable for the Canadian dollar. Midweek vacation travel also offers special discounts. Just ask. 2009 will prove to encourage travel discounts.
Equipment for a Kayak Tour
Submitted by M18082
- Pack a range of Warm and Cool Clothing
- Take fast dry items,
- Dry Bags are essential check with the operator to see if they are supplied,
- Suncream, Hat, Sun Glasses, Shoes that can get wet,
- Hydration Method, Waterbottle or Hydra pack on your back,
- Waterproof camera, or waterproof casing,
- Dry shoes for camp,
- Change of clothes for the camp or car,
- Gloves if on extended tour,
- Hat that covers your neck,
- Fishing equipment.