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cultural adventures
Submitted by M20060
From next month in Cameroon considering the fact that there are more than 250 different tribes and cultures, a lot of cultural exhibitions will begin and this is from one region to the next. This always begins from the north west region in the palaces, museums, shrines, festivity arenas. This takes about five days and then to the Ouest region where it will last only for two days,then from here we will continue to the northern region where the exhibitions will last for about six days. Some people use the plane if ... view more their number of days are limited but some will use the train in order to discover other sites along the way. From he northern region we continue to the south region where we will meet the local and primitive pygmies who still live in the rain forest and still move around naked with exciting traditional dances.

People who have enough time for adventure will continue to the south west region and those who don't will end their tours traveling back home through the Douala international airport which is about 2Hrs drive from the pygmies' village.