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China Travel Tips

China travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.
8 places you can not miss in Beijing
Submitted by M21347
8 places you can not miss in Beijing: 1. Forbidden City, as the largest and best preserved imperial palace in China, you will definitely be impressed. 2. The Great wall, as a Chinese saying goes, people who come China ... view more and never go to the Great wall are not real men. When you stand on the wall, it is hard to image how the ancient Chinese people built it during that backward society. 3. Summer palace, it is the largest imperial garden in Beijing. Big lake and big mountain, it is made artificially. 4. Temple of heaven, the biggest imperial worship area, the Eco wall, the heavenly heart stone, you will know how much people believed in God during those times. 5. Hutong, only here can you can see old Beijing, know what local people live like. 6. Acrobatic show, the Peking opera show at night, it is very good area to visit at night, it is special feeling about Chinese culture. 7. Wangfujing, night food market. People eat all the wearied food, Scorpio ,cricket, Snake, crab. 8. Sanlitun bar street. If you like bars, it is a good place, there are all bars around the street.
Great Wall Hiking Tips
Submitted by M21221
•Be aware of your own limitations – acrophobia, heart problems, and diabetes may be cause enough to stay home.
•It is very important to have health and accident insurance before taking any Great Wall hiking tour. ... view more Be sure to carry insurance information, and emergency contact information with you, on any hike.
•Be sure to have a good breakfast at least an hour before starting a strenuous hike.
•It is extremly hot to walk on the Wall under the sun. Be sure to bring along, and to drink, enough water to keep yourself from becoming dehydrated.
•You may consider bringing a first-aid kit in your day pack, in case of emergencies, better safe than sorry!!
•Walk slowly during the first hours to condition your body to trekking. Never run or walk fast.
•Because many parts of the Wall are broken and loose, sensible footwear is essential.
•Be aware of the danger: in many places, especially on mountain tops, the wall is broken and loose; many parts are not only difficult and strenuous but also dangerous! Be very careful!
•Keep a safe distance from the person in front of you while walking up any steep broken wall to avoid being hit by falling stones.
•Keep a safe distance from the edge of the wall, or any opening or break in the wall; these areas are the first to become loose or broken, and therefore may not be safe. Be sure to obey any warning signs that are posted.
•If you need to use a rope bridge, don't run, jump, shake, or push.
•Don't lean against the wall to rest without first verifying that it is still secure, and that its stones have not become loosened.
•Preserve the Wall – think green! Leave nothing except your footprints, take nothing except photographs and garbage.
•In summer, rain showers and/or thunderstorms are quite common while hiking on the Wall. Be sure to power-off your mobile phone in any bad weather - using a cell phone in an electrical storm can be fatal
•Don’t wander off on your own – stay with the group.

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