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Czech Republic Travel Tips

Czech Republic travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.

Money Saving Tips in Prague
Submitted by M14727
Prague cab drivers have a bad reputation for ripping off foreign tourists. To avoid that, go to www.cedaz.cz. Send them a request along with your name and flight number and their driver will meet you at the arrival hall with a sign with your name. The fare to downtown Prague for a party of up to 4 pax is CZK 480 (= $25) - by far the cheapest way to get to your hotel!
Money Saving Tips in Prague
Submitted by M14727
There is only one exchange office in Prague where you get a decent rate. Look for a blue sign which reads "Exchange" in Franz Kafka Square, only a few steps from the Old Town Square. http://www.exchange.cz
Foil pick-pockets in major cities.
Submitted by M15075
Three simple tips to make life more difficult for pick-pockets:
- Avoid mingling in crowds.
- Men - Do not carry your wallet in your back pocket or in the breast pocket of a jacket, e.g., a blazer.
- Women - Wear your handbag/purse on a strap over your shoulder and body with the flap towards you.
Cycling Trip Gear List
Submitted by M19111
Cycling Checklist

Provided Gear:
- 24-speed Sumava Leader Fox hybrid bicycles with suspension fork,
- Small handlebar bag,
- Bicycle pump,
- Water bottle cage,
- Route map,
- Bike tool kit,
- On special request: panniers, toe baskets.
Note: bike pedals do not have toe clips.

Recommended Gear:
- Helmet (required),
- Water bottle,
- Bicycle shoes (without clip-in toes).

Recommended clothing: Dressing in layers is usually the best solution. Non-wrinkle, fast-drying clothing packs and washes easily. ... view more

Recommended bicycle clothing :
- Long sleeve & short sleeve jersey,
- Bicycle pants,
- Bicycle shorts,
- Bicycle rain pants and jacket.

Recommended travel gear:
- Soft sided suitcase or duffel,
- Luggage locks,
- Fanny pack,
- Money belt,
- Passport (required),
- Sunglasses,
- Sunblock,
- Hand sanitizer,
- Your favorite energy bar,
- Personal first aid kit,
- Insect repellent.

Recommended city clothes:
A full change of clothes for dinner and other activities, including shoes other than cycling shoes. You don’t have to dress up for dinner but bring comfortable lightweight clothing and comfortable shoes, include a sweater or light jacket for evenings. Don’t forget a swimsuit.

Other options:
Camera, travel alarm, gel seat cover, electrical adapter, ziplock bags, book to read.
Your luggage may get lost so pack what could minimally get your through a couple of days in your carry-on bag and consider cross-packing with a travel partner.

Pub Crawl & Party Travel Tips
Submitted by M18499
Heading to Europe for a pub crawl or party adventure? Then think "light"...

A few days before you travel, lay out all the clothes and all the money on your bed - take half the clothes, and twice the money.

Ensure you have the right clothing for your tour. Temperatures in Europe can vary greatly during most times of year, and a good jacket is highly recommended.

You need only 1 pair of good shoes… dress code in Europe isn’t formal, and in the beer tents of Oktoberfest you WILL get covered in ... view more beer… don’t take your most expensive designer shoes :)

Rule number 1 of travelling: travel light! You’re pub crawling, not climbing Mt Everest (there aren’t any bars up there, are there?)