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General El Salvador Tips & Recommendations
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Entry requirements: a valid passport, depending on the country of origin, it is sometimes necessary tourist visa or tourist card at a cost of U$ 10, usually valid for 90 days. Airport tax - U$ 32.00.

Clothing: Bring ... view more with you a light jacket or sweater to wear at high points or at night, cotton pants, shorts. Clothing suitable: for some garments and light rain on the coast during the wet season.

Lodging: The largest concentration of hotels is in the capital city. It is recommended that you reserve in advance. There are all kinds of accommodations.

Changes Currency: It recommended that visitors only change foreign currencies into the banks.

Credit and debit cards: Most cards circulating worldwide can be used.

Travelers Checks: can be exchanged in banks and hotels, upon presentation of a passport.

Tips: 10% is appropriate in most restaurants and bars. Some already include tips in mind.

Communications: It can be used for international direct connection anywhere in the world. The country code is 503. The code for international calls is: 00.

Internet: It's easy to access the Internet, business centers of all hotels and cafes fit, as well as points WI-FI.

Mobile telephony: Currently used GSM networks 850, 900, 1900 and 1950.

Fax: Fax is available at all hotels.