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England travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.
Planning a Pilgrimage
Submitted by M16806
Planning a Pilgrimage: Seven pointers towards making a sacred journey

1. Pack lightly – the essence of pilgrimage is to find out who we are outside the cocoon of our familiar milieu, so don’t try to bring it along ... view more with you!

2. Take comfortable clothing and shoes – you will only get to know the land by walking on it, and many sacred places tend to be off the beaten track.

3. Be prepared to get dirt in your sandals – we are a society addicted to a lifestyle that promises to make us feel clean, safe, and protected from the environment, rather than free and open to explore it.

4. Less is more – if you try to pack in too many places to visit, you will spend precious time on the road – especially in countries where poor or narrow roads make distances deceptive. We can end up replicating our frenetic lives back home and return with spiritual indigestion, rather than feeling nourished. Choose two or three special places and prepare to spend time there for a few days, getting to know them – and the local people – in different lights, weather and moods.

5. Let go of expectations – pilgrimage is a gradual process of unfolding and discovery rather than a goal in itself. Spiritual experiences have a disconcerting tendency to happen at the least expected times and places, and require us to stay open to a higher agenda than our own.

6. Embrace your shadow – delays and inconveniences on the road or in less-than-perfect lodgings can make us annoyed and irritated. At these times, we tend to see these things as roadblocks to the spiritual experience we hoped to have, whereas they are all part of it. If we observe ourselves compassionately under stress, we can learn a lot about how we operate out of our comfort zone.

7. ‘Wherever you go, there you are’ – or as St. Brigit once told some pilgrims:

‘It's labor great and profit small to go to Rome,
Thou wilt not find the king at all unless thou find him first at home.’

Gear and Luggage
Submitted by M16009
The weather in England can change hugely from day to day. So pack clothes that enable you to add or take off layers easily such as a wind/rain jacket, thick and thin tops, short and long trousers.

As we provide roomy ... view more panniers there is plenty of space to bring this gear along... Enjoy the ride!
Money Saving Tips in London
Submitted by M10400
If arriving at Gatwick airport, avoid travelling by Gatwick Express into central London. Buy a much cheaper train ticket with Southern Trains [into Victoria station] or First Capital Connect trains [into Blackfriars and ... view more Kings Cross stations] at the ticket office. The trains are just as comfortable and you could save up to £9 per ticket!
Best place in London for award winning food
Submitted by M10400
"Roast" is an excellent, award winning, modern British restaurant at Borough Market, near London Bridge. Situated upstairs in an extraordinary glass structure that once formed part of the Covent Garden Flower ... view more Market next to the Opera House, it serves superb food using locally sourced produce. Ask the chef to come out and explain his vision! Ingrid W [London Blue Badge tourist guide]
Exploring Wales
Submitted by M13790
Many visitors to the UK head straight for the hot-spots of London, Bath, Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon etc. But do not forget Wales. An ancient kingdom stuffed with medieval castles, mountains and small market towns. It is ... view more not a big place and can be explored easily by car.

The country is mostly rural and the roads far quieter than in England. Wales has three National Parks; the Brecon Beacons, Pembrokshire and Snowdonia. A couple of days in one or more of these parks and you will see the best that Wales has to offer.

Have a look at your map and a trip from Bath to the Brecon Beacons is no more than 90 minutes. From there to Pembrokshire a further two hours and from there you can take the ferry to Ireland. A great Celtic road trip.

Fly Fishing
Submitted by M13790
If you would like a day or two of fly fishing while traveling in the UK. I would suggest bringing a 4 or 5 piece smuggler with 4 or 5 weight line. However, if you don't fancy bringing your own tackle it is usually ... view more possible to hire a guide or 'ghillie' as it is know in the UK. He should be able to supply tackle and waders as well.

For some of the best wild brown trout fishing in the UK head for Wales and the Rivers Usk and Wye. The spring hatches on the Usk in April, May and June are really special.

Travelling to tour destinations
Submitted by M16009
Reaching all your tour start points is very easy as they are all located in towns with an excellent rail link. Some have excellent direct airport bus links too such as Oxford.
Money saving tip for London
Submitted by M05608
If you are going to be travelling in London on public transport invest in an Oyster Card. It is much cheaper than buying individual tickets and much quicker.
Tourist Guides
Submitted by M05608
Use a qualified Blue Badge tourist guide in Britain so that you know you are being given the correct information and the guide is insured.
Money saving Tips in Sri Lanka
Submitted by M19606
To make sure that all your surprises in Sri Lanka are good ones, I have put together a few Travel Tips that will help you to prepare for your stay in my mysterious island of Sri Lanka.

Internet: You shouldn't ... view more have much trouble finding Internet facilities in most towns. If your hotel does not have Internet or email facilities available, ask anybody where you can find a “Internet Café”. The locals will be happy to point you towards the closest store where you will be able to use the internet. Is cheap in main cities (Rs: 40 to 60 Per hour) but in rural areas (Rs. 4 to 8 per minute) as they use Dial-up line not ADSL.

International Calls: There are four main network operators on the island; Dialog GSM, Mobitel, Celltell and Hutchison Telecom. The cheapest is to get a mobile phone connection with one of these major companies. A local SIM card for around Rs. 500 (that will work in GSM phones from Europe, the Middle East and Australasia). You will find recharge cards at any corner store throughout the island.

ATM's: Commercial Bank has a wide network of ATMs accepting international Visa, MasterCard and Cirrus/Maestro cards. Other options include Bank of Ceylon, NationsTrust Bank, People’s Bank, Hatton National Bank, Seylan Bank, Sampath Bank and HSBC. ATM's have spread to all of the cities and major regional centres, though you can’t rely on the network paying up every single time.

Cash & Money changers: Any bank or exchange bureau will change major currencies in cash, including US dollars, euros and pounds sterling. Change rupees back into hard currency before you leave the country for the best rates. Money changers can be found in Colombo and the major cities, their rates are usually competitive.

Best London Guides
Submitted by M15847
In order to get the best out of your visit to a specific venue it is important to use a properly qualified Blue Badge guide. Check that your is!
Holiday money
Submitted by M15847
There is no longer any need to bring Travellers' Cheques to England. Credit or debit cards are widely accepted all over the country. A small amount of cash is needed for buying cups of coffee etc - this can be ... view more obtained quickly and easily from a cash machine / "hole in the wall" (ATM)
Getting the most from your trip to London
Submitted by M15847
Don't be tempted to merely 'tick off' the main tourist sights, there is so much more to be gained from choosing a small area, walking around it and really discovering it. London is full of hidden gems that ... view more you will miss if you follow the tourist crowd - make your holiday a unique experience!
Restaurant Tipping Policy in Britain
Submitted by M17218
I recommend all visitors to adopt the same policy as I use for tipping in restaurants:
- If the price list says "service included" I give no tip unless the service has been outstanding.
- If the service has ... view more been lousy or if there is something wrong with the meal then I give no tip and ask for the manager or head waiter and tell him what has been wrong. If they don't know they can't put it right.
- If everything has been OK I leave a tip of 10%
- If everything has been excellent I ask to speak to the head waiter or manager, tell him what a good job has been done and leave a tip of 15% to 20%. When things are excellent a compliment is deserved and appreciated.

Best way to see England's crown jewels
Submitted by M17218
To avoid the crowds and long queueing times it is best to get to the Tower before it opens at 9.00am (10.00 am Sundays). There is usually a queue to get in so I suggest you arrive at 8.30.

As you go through the ... view more entrance you will find guides in the dress of Yeomen of the Guard (sometimes known as "Beefeaters") gathering groups to give guided tours. Ignore them and proceed straight ahead. You will come to a large flight of steps on your left. Go up the steps and diagonally across the courtyard to your right and arrive at the Crown Jewels Building. Enter and proceed along the empty queueing space to the Jewels. You will have plenty of time to study the jewels as there will be no one there.

After seeing the jewels return to the entrance and join a tour group. The Yeomen are ex-seargent majors from the British Army and are most entertaining. If you enjoy their tour a tip is usually appreciated.

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