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England travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.
Sailing in Britain
Submitted by M17218
The Solent, an area of approximatly 100 square miles of sheltered water between the Isle of Wight and the mainland of England, is ideal for a one or two day sailing trip. There are more than 10 interesting small ports ... view more and remote creeks to visit and although it is one of the most popular sailing areas with 1000s of boats a midweek trip can find the Solent almost empty of boats.
Antiques shops in England
Submitted by M17218
There are hundreds of antique shops in the conurbation of London but if you are looking for the best prices it is best to visit the small towns and villages away from London like Tetbury, Brasted, Petworth, or the 800 ... view more other antique shops in the rest of England.
How much luggage to bring
Submitted by M16009
Your luggage is transported for you on to your next destination so don't worry about packing too much. Just keep what you need with you for the day in the panniers that come with each bike.
What will the areas be like that you are visiting?
Submitted by M16009
You will be provided with a guide to all the areas you are visiting prior to departure. In addition to this we recommend the Rough Guide books and of course the internet. Even the tiniest of villages have their own website.
Submitted by M16009
As a general rule 10% is an acceptable amount to tip in a restaurant but it is not compulsory. Check your bill before you pay as some places add on a tip automatically.
Cycling conditions
Submitted by M16009
Particularly in rural areas, cycling conditions can change from day to day. Rain makes mud and makes vegetation grow so be prepared to cope with nature!
Don't forget your camera
Submitted by M16009
Each day as you set out, check you have your camera in your pannier. Our routes are designed to pass by beautiful countryside and stunning architecture so you won't want to miss out.
Submitted by M16009
Even the fittest of you will benefit from a few gentle stretches at the end of each day to prevent tightening of muscles.
The Best Sightseeing Mile in London
Submitted by M16009
Follow the signed Thames Path on the south side of the river from Westminster Bridge to Tower Bridge. Its packed with sights - The Eye, The Globe Theater, Tate Modern, Borough Market, ships old and new and a lot more ... view more I'll leave you to discover. Just across the river lie St Paul's. The Tower of London and Big Ben and the best skyline in the world.
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