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Fiji Travel Tips

Fiji travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.

Tipping Policy in Fiji
Submitted by M08536
Tipping is not customary, or expected, in the islands of Fiji. Fiji is a communal society, so the concept of giving just one person a "reward" for doing their job is an alien one to them.

To keep in line with the customs of the indigenous population, resorts have a "staff Christmas Fund." At the end of your stay, should you want to, you may put money into this box. It is then divided up at the end of the year between all of the staff.

This is actually a great way to go. The staff gets a ... view more nice big "bonus" (it sort of acts like a bank account for them), and the money is divided between all - even the gardeners who are doing their job just as well as the front line people.

If you feel compelled to tip an exemplary tour guide, for example, it will be graciously accepted, but please note that this is not required nor anticipated. Many Americans who travel for the first time to Fiji feel that the Fijians are going out of their way to help you on the streets because they "expect a tip." This is not true. Fijians are warm, wonderful people who are naturally hospitable - and will often times invite you for supper in their homes, just to have some interaction with visitors from "far away."

Tips for flying to Fiji's Outer Islands
Submitted by M08536
If you are traveling to Fiji and staying at an outer island that requires an inter island flight (Taveuni, Savusavu, Kadavu, etc), ask your travel professional to book you via Air Pacific Airlines. They will book the air direct to your destination island, and you will not have that restrictive 15kg baggage limit per person that you have if your agent/wholesaler books the inter island flight separately.

Instead of being able to bring 1 bag weighing 15 kg (30 pounds), you'll be able to bring 2 bags, each ... view more weighing up to 50 pounds (each). Plus you will save money on the inter island flight when booking straight through