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France Travel Tips

France travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.

Low season
Submitted by M19959
Book your tours during low season! France is the most visited country in the world, and hotels, tours, tickets gets very expensive when booked in the last minute. Avoid every sell-out by booking your services now.
Reach Bordeaux city centre from the airport
Submitted by M19958
To reach the center of Bordeaux from the airport the options are taxi approx 35-40€. the shuttle jet-bus 7€p.p. or the regular city bus - the bus No 1 leaves from directly outside the airport arrivals hall takes just 10 minutes longer than the jet-bus most times of day and costs just 1.40€ p.p.(pay on entry).
If you are traveling on by rail from St Jean station it is better to take the Jet-bus as this is its final stop and the cost is the same. Equally if you arrive with a boxed bicycle and do not wish to ... view more re-assemble at the airport then the Jet bus luggage space will easy accommodate it.
Fier Gorges in the French Alps
Submitted by M20552
For those wanting to escape the typical tourist areas and crowds of France, the French Alps may be your best bet. The French Alps is more than snowy mountains.

1. The Fier Gorges near Annecy provide the opportunity to walk along a cliff-hanging walkway over rapids.
2. Chambery has the largest ensemble of Trompe L'Oeil art in Europe and was the home of the Shroud of Turin for almost 100 years.
3. The Medieval town of Annecy also has the cleanest lake in France.
4. Aix les Bains is the second largest spa/thermal baths in France.
Best way to discover the South of France
Submitted by M20290
Thanks to an excellent road infrastructure, the South of France is blessed with some of the best driving routes in the world. Your choice of "drive-and-come-alive" roads is near endless - the famous Route Napoleon, the twisting Col de Turini and scenic coastal routes between Monaco and St.-Tropez are just a few highlights.

Imagine riding these breathtaking routes on our fine motorbikes under 300 days of annual sunshine and pleasant temperatures. What's more, our motorbikes give you an exclusive ... view more access to the fast lane: no more traffic jams or being stuck behind slow moving traffic on scenic roads.

Booking could not be easier. Contact us for motorbike availability and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Travel tips to Nice and Antibes
Submitted by M19855
Getting to Biot:

By plane: You can fly direct into Nice Cote d'Azur airport from many European destinations and New York. Be sure to check Easyjet.com for cheap flights within Europe.

By train: Trains from Paris come into Antibes SNCF station as well as Nice. The journey takes approximately 5 hours but you might prefer to take an overnight couchette to make the most of your time. We can organise to collect you from Antibes Station - 10 minutes from the villa.

By car: There is plenty of parking space ... view more at the villa and we can send you detailed directions if you wish to make your own way here.
Submitted by M19875
The biggest confusion that we hear about from travel guests involves "tipping" in France. Here's the scoop:

- Tipping is never required in France. Why? Because the tip (or "service" as it's called in France) is always included in the bill you pay in any restaurant, cafe or brasserie (bistro).

- More and more today though we are seeing the practice of what is called "leaving a little extra" which means that if you're in a cafe, brasserie(bistro) or NON-Michelin star ... view more restaurant, and you've enjoyed your service, then you might consider leaving the waiter or waitress an extra 50 cents if just having drinks or a 1 or 2 euro coin if having a light meal, BUT NOT MORE.

- And, I can't emphasize this pointer enough... never leave a tip at a Michelin-star restaurant. It's considered an insult to the staff.

When in France, go with the "French" flow of things... remember the tip is always included in the bill and there is never any obligation to leave anything extra... so don't feel guilty or like you stiffed the waiter when you pay your bill and vacate the premises without leaving anything.

Transporting Bikes in France
Submitted by M09630
Transporting bikes on France’s TGV trains:
- You can transport your bike on any train, including the country’s renowned high-speed TGV trains, so long as it is dismantled and in a box or cover (max size 120 x 90cm). It must then be placed in the luggage area at the ends of the coaches.
- If the bicycle is not dismantled, you must put it in the luggage van or in the bicycle compartment of certain main-line trains.
- Main TGVs linking Paris to the East of France have a special fitted-out space and can hold 4 ... view more bicycles. The reservation is then compulsory and priced at €10.
- Hint: the bicycle car is usually in cars 8 and/or 18.

Transporting bikes on Thalys and Eurostar: Thalys trains connect the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium to France via Paris. The Eurostar connects the UK with France via Lille and Paris. You can then get a direct connecting train from Paris to Geneva using TGV Lyria. Like TGV East, bicycles are free of charge on board if they are dismantled and in a box or covered. This is required, and the maximum size is 120 x 90 cm. You can store it in the luggage area at the ends of the coaches. Also, for Thalys and Eurostar, there may be a bicycle car in coach 1 and/or coach 11.

Shipping your bike: It is possible to ship your bike on French railroads from either a freight terminal or a door-to-door service. Shipment can be arranged at the same time you buy your ticket in advance or you may contact a delivery service, such as Sernam. Note: Sernam is responsible for your bike during shipment.

Renting Bicycles in France
Submitted by M09630
Renting Bicycles in France

City Bike Systems: In the past few years, numerous cities in France have launched easy-to-use, shared bike systems which let anyone easily rent bikes from the many high-tech stations scattered throughout the city. With the first 30 minutes free, an hour for about 1 Euro, a week for about 5 Euros and a yearly pass around 29 Euros, how could you not take advantage of this friendly, easy, fast and greener way of traveling?