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Guatemala Travel Tips

Guatemala travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.

Why Study the Spanish language?
Submitted by M05243
Someone recently asked me why should we study the Spanish language. My answer was, why not? I mean there are forty-six million Spanish-speaking people in the United States. That’s one Spanish speaking person for every six English-speaking people in our country. Of course that doesn’t mean that they all speak their native tongue, at least not all the time, but it is becoming more and more frequent, at least to some, all the time.

Our government tells us that approximately half of the above mentioned forty-six ... view more million are in the United States illegally. It’s pretty obvious that all those who are here illegally either won’t, or can’t, be deported back to their country of origin. So what is to become of them as they blend into the many ethnic societies that make up the United States? Why are they here in the first place? That, of course is a difficult question, but most probably they are simply seeking a better way of life for themselves and their families. And frankly, who could blame them? There is not one among us that would not like to have something that would make our lives better. Those who speak the Spanish language are no different.

So, the old adage goes that if you can’t beat them, join them. After all, the U.S. is made up from people who arrived from countries around the world. And, inasmuch as Spanish is becoming more and more prevalent in our daily lives, there are a couple of things we can do that might make accepting the easier..We could complain on a daily basis, which seems to be pretty much what we are doing, or we could learn to live with those who make up our very diverse communities.

Bring a Bit of Home with You
Submitted by M05243
Important things to bring with you to Guatemala:

- Guidebook of Antigua and/or Guatemala;
- Sturdy shoes for walking on cobblestone streets (all streets in Antigua are cobble-stoned) or hiking up volcanoes, yet also shoes which keep your feet cool in the heat of Antigua;
- Jumper or light jacket for evenings;
- Any books students which to study Spanish from;
- Clothes for the appropriate time of year – but please remember that temperatures and weather can change quickly at certain times of the year, so ... view more students may wish to bring a warmer outfit, even if they are coming in the summer or a cooler outfit even if they are coming in winter;
- Extra credit/debit card to use as an emergency;
- Two-pronged adapter for 3-pronged electronic equipment such as laptops, digital cameras, hair dryers, etc. The voltage in Guatemala is 110 volts AC and 60 Hz, but many sockets only have 2-prongs;
- Safe bag to keep personal belongings while in the city or traveling;
- Pictures of family and friends, especially to share with the host family or teacher as it is a great way of practicing Spanish as well as an interesting way of getting to know each other.

Shopping in Guatemala
Submitted by M20895
In the marketplace and with street vendors prices are always negotiable. Don't be quick to accept the first price offered, as you are expected to bargain ensuring both you and the vendor a fair price.
Places to visit in Guatemala City
Submitted by M19433
Guatemala city is always referred as a place not worth to visit. But if you give a chance then you will see the beauty of the city.

You can visit many museums like "Museo de arqueologia y etnologia, Coin Museum, Museo de Miraflores (mayan artifacts), Museo Ixchel (mayan costumes), Museo del niño (kids museum), Museo del ferrocarril (Guatemalan train museum) among others. You can visit the map in relief, the Cathedral in central park, the presidential house, central market, the Eiffel tower replica in zone ... view more 9, Cerverceria Gallo (national beer brewery).

Zone one has many interesting churches that date from the 1800´s with the imagery that once was on display in Antigua Guatemala. As a city, Guatemala offers many malls like Oakland Mall with cineplex, Miraflores with cineplex, La Pradera, Tikal Futura, Megacentro.

Guatemala city has many restaurants, bars and nightclubs most of them in zone 10. Some restaurants offer dinner and a comedy play. You can also go out for a bowling night at Metroball or Fun Plaza. If you are more adventurer you can go to paintball arenas around the city, or gokart racing.

Places to eat in Guatemala and Antigua Guatemala
Submitted by M19433
If you are staying in Guatemala City, the best restaurants are in zone 10, this is the area where most of the hotels are located:
- For international food try: Tamarindos a fusion restaurant, thai and italian.
- Jean Francois french restaurant.
- Ni Fu Ni Fa, argentinian steak.
- Portal del Angel, Guatemala Steak.
- Katok, guatemalan tipical food.

If you are in Antigua:
- Fonda de la calle Real, guatemalan tipical food.
- Posada de Don Rodrigo, guatemalan tipical food.
- Mezon Panza Verde, french ... view more food.
- Ni Fu Ni Fa, Argentinian Steak.
- Welton, fine cusine.
- Papasitos, pizza.

Don´t get mugged in Guatemala
Submitted by M19433
Guatemala is often considered as a dangerous country to visit. Unfortunately our bad image is due to violence unrelated to the tourists. Although to be safe, try to avoid lonely streets during the night.

If you are a women, try to use comfortable clothes and avoid any tight shorts, skirts or t-shirts. If you go out to a night club or disco, make sure when you order a drink to see what they mix it with, it´s recommended if you like beer, to ask the waiter to open the bottle in front of you. Avoid waling in the ... view more street drunk or alone.

One open markets always use your wallet on your front pocket and if you use a purse, put in front of you. When you pay, use small change, don´t use large bills or big dollar bills. Try to avoid the use of expensive jewelery. Have your camera in front of you at all time.

where to stay if I visit Tikal?
Submitted by M14900
Going to Tikal? Stay at El Remate village and avoid crowded and stinky Flores!

El Remate is build at the shores of the amazing Peten Itza lake. Transparent, warm waters and excellent swimming. El Remate is only 30 km from Tikal.