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India Travel Tips

India travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.
Rural people in India
Submitted by M08384
Indians are hospitable people, respect religion and social customs. Indians always believe that "The guest is God”. You may stop your vehicle en-route, make friends and with permission you can take their photographs also.
Design your hands with Henna in India
Submitted by M08384
Mehendi "Henna Coloring" has become the inthing for women. No wedding is complete without Mehendi. The hands of the bride are adorned with the lovely red hue of Mehendi. Popular traditional images used in ... view more Mehendi designs are the Peacock- the national bird of India, the lotus flower and an elephant with a raised trunk - a symbol of good luck. The intricate patterns are dabbed with cotton balls doused in sugar syrup and lime juice to make the Mehendi darker. You can also design your hands in Rajasthan.
Get Married in India
Submitted by M08384
Marriages are symbolized by a host of rites and rituals, traditions, pomp and festivity and numerous customs passed down from generation to generation. Take a quick peek into the world of wedding in all their glory by ... view more getting married at a luxurious heritage hotel.

The groom dresses in traditional attire and is welcomed by friends with flower garlands by the bride's close relatives. The bride and grooms exchange garlands during this ceremony. The mahurat or auspicious time for the wedding ceremony is usually set after dinner.

The couple walks around the sacred fire. At the end of the ceremony, the newly weds touch the feet of elders to take their blessings.

Palace on wheels, train in Rajasthan
Submitted by M08384
Rated among the ten best journeys of the world, Palace On Wheels the fully air-conditioned and vestibulated train has saloons designed on the themes of different provinces of Rajasthan. With all facilities on board the ... view more night stays are given in palatial rooms on board. The Palace on Wheels Tour is the wonder of wonders.
Walk in the bazaars in India
Submitted by M08384
Walking the narrow winding streets of bazaars is in itself a novel experience. The bazaars are certainly not the mall. Put aside any notions of peace and quiet and jump into the thick of it. Walking in bazaar will give ... view more you a totally different experience.
Makar sankaranti-kite festival in Rajasthan, India
Submitted by M08384
Local people are great kite lovers. Makar Sankrantri Festival is celebrated in the month of January every year when Kite festival is organized in Rajasthan. You can also enjoy the flying of these paper birds.
India Travel Tips - Enjoy Exotic Tours
Submitted by M16463
Get to know the basic rules and laws of India before making your visit to the country. Better don't change your original travel plans and never discuss them with strangers. Always stay away from the strangers who ... view more try to be very friendly.

Documents to carry: Have Photostat of important documents like passports, visa and identity proof, as in case any of those gets misplaced. All important documents and valuable items like cash, cheques, jewelery should be kept safely in the hotel locker or in a safe suitcase.

Traveling: Contact a recognized travel agency for booking the tickets. Many super-fast trains are running for all important tourist places. Avoid traveling in general class because the bogies remain crowded. Always prefer for sleeper class as these are clean and safe with many other facilities. Buses including Deluxe, Volvo etc. also ply all over India. To travel within local area hire authorized taxi or Auto-Rickshaw.

Food and drinking: 'Health is wealth'-Always avoid street food which is kept uncovered. Take food from good hotels and restaurant as they serve fresh and clean food. Buy packaged drinking water and always check the seal.

Safety tips: For accommodation always prefer for recognized hotel. Don't hand over your luggage to any unknown person. Always take care of your wallet, bags and brief case. Never carry huge sum of money. The amount should be as per your requirement of the day.

Credit cards: American Express, Master Charge, Visa and Diners Club credit cards are generally accepted by recognized establishments of India including hotels, shopping complex and airlines.

Cultural considerations while touring in India
Submitted by M20157
India has a very traditional and religious society. Its cultures and customs are very different to western cultural ideas. We ask you as guests in this amazing country to respond to these sometimes-bizarre differences ... view more with sensitivity and respect.
- We do request you to dress conservatively - both men and women should wear clothing that covers knees and shoulders (when visiting mosques and temples).
- Nudity is totally taboo, when swimming please do wear a swimsuit.
- Try to avoid any public display of affection.
- When entering mosques, temples and places of religious worship or private homes - please remove your shoes.
- Many Hindu temples are not open to non-Hindus. Always ask permission before entering.
- Mosques may have limited visiting times for non-Muslims.

Payment Methods
Submitted by M20157
- Travelers Cheques: Thomas Cook or American Express in American Dollars, Euro or British Sterling are the only ones that are widely accepted.
- Cash: US dollars, Euro and British Sterling are the best currency to ... view more take. The notes need to be clean, undamaged and if possible the latest issue.
- Credit Card: In major cities Visa, Master and American Express cards can be used. Please do not rely on your credit card as a source of finance in small cities though most of the tourist cities have a large number of ATMs.
- Currency: Please check the updates for currency exchange rate.

India Climate & Clothing
Submitted by M20157
With such a large landmass, India has a wide range of climates with effects of the altitude and the sea being very string in certain areas.

North India:
- April-June: Hot, dry and dusty with temperature 35-42 deg ... view more C.
- July-Aug.: Hot, humid and rainy.
- Sept.-March: Pleasant days and could get cooler in the night.

South India:
- April/May & Aug./Sept.: Hot and humid with average temperature 38 deg C.
- June/July/Oct./Nov.: Hot and heavy rains.
- Dec.-March: Hot but less humid.

Clothing: For the most of areas, cotton casual clothing that is light and loose fitting is recommended for day wear. For trips during November - January do carry warm clothes as it is cold during early mornings and evenings. (Only in Northern India) Carry a hat during sightseeing to keep off the mid-day sun and for the evenings a couple of elegant dresses would be nice to be worn for dinner at the lovely hotels. You could also wear trousers and jeans during the day. There is no problem. Carry a stole or a scarf to cover your head or feet while at the religious places.

Passport & Visa Details While Visiting India
Submitted by M20157
- You must be in possession of a valid passport, which will not expire for at least six months after your journey is due to end.
- It should have to clear pages for entry and exit stamps as well as your ... view more visa.
- A wise precaution is to carry a photocopy of your passport kept separately, extremely useful in the event of loss or theft.

- All visitors to India require a visa that must be obtained from an Indian High Commission or Consulate.
- You would need to use two addresses in India and do let us know for the same as it is normal to give our company’s and our director’s address on the same.
- For postal applications passports should be sent by registered post and include a registered post paid return addressed envelope.
- Applications should be on the official visa form available from a local travel agent.
- Alternatively in some countries the form can be downloaded from the Embassies’ official website.
- All applications should include 3 passport-sized photographs.
- Your local travel agent or nearest Embassy will be able to inform you of the latest application fee.

Shopping in India
Submitted by M20157
Shopping can be one of the ways to interact with a local. For people who like to bargain, shopping is a true pleasure. For others, fixed priced stores are a relief. Whatever transaction you prefer, we hope your purchase ... view more that was made in India, will remind you of your trip.

India can be described as a shopper’s paradise with products such as hand-woven rugs, inlaid marble, semi-precious stone jewelry, silk fabrics, brass-ware, etc. India’s diversity is expressed though the creation of master craftspeople. Each state has a unique handicraft to proudly reflect the inherited and improved skills to near perfection. Souvenir shops and art & craft emporiums are to be found everywhere.

Consult your guidebook or the local guides and people. Usually the “pavement markets” do not guarantee the products and they do not accept credit / debit cards. Genuine products can only be guaranteed at a government showroom or branded showroom, i.e. Cottage Industries, etc.

Tipping in India
Submitted by M20157
Tipping is an inherent part of life in India. It is one of the most effective ways to communicate how you felt about the service provided. It is common practice to tip porters, drivers, wait staff, toilet attendants and ... view more guides. It is not necessary to tip rickshaw drivers. Please note that you are not obliged to tip and it is entirely to your discretion.

A general idea would be as follows:
- Bellboys: Rs. 10 - 20 (1/4th US$) per bag
- Drivers: Rs. 200 (5 US$) per day & Rs.100 (2 US$) per half day
- Day Guides: Rs. 250 to 400 (6 - 8 US$)
- Restaurants: 5% of the bill amount could be left
- Room boys/ Maid: It is not recommended.

Be careful on purchasing tour packages
Submitted by M19725
Before purchasing any tour package, check all the details like list of inclusions, exclusions, any extra services. This will ensure you the quality of services. Also just don't go with the cheaper rate, otherwise ... view more you may have problems later, because in cheaper rates there are many hidden cost.
Land of Buddha
Submitted by M20613
Buddhism came into being in India. Let us visit the places connected with Buddhism:

Lumbini - Buddha was "Born"
Bodhgaya - Buddha attained "Enlightenment"
Sarnath - Buddha set the "Wheel of ... view more Dharma" into motion
Kushinagar - Buddha attained "Mahaparinirwana - He Passed Away"

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