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Ireland Travel Tips

Ireland travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.

Best exchange rate for your money in Ireland.
Submitted by M19999
You're best bet for a good exchange rate is to use your debit cards at the many ATM and banks in Ireland. It's saves carrying cash in your pocket plus you don't have to pay bank or hotel fees to change money orders or you countries currency.
Exploring Wales
Submitted by M13790
Many visitors to the UK head straight for the hot-spots of London, Bath, Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon etc. But do not forget Wales. An ancient kingdom stuffed with medieval castles, mountains and small market towns. It is not a big place and can be explored easily by car.

The country is mostly rural and the roads far quieter than in England. Wales has three National Parks; the Brecon Beacons, Pembrokshire and Snowdonia. A couple of days in one or more of these parks and you will see the best that Wales has to ... view more offer.

Have a look at your map and a trip from Bath to the Brecon Beacons is no more than 90 minutes. From there to Pembrokshire a further two hours and from there you can take the ferry to Ireland. A great Celtic road trip.

Planning a Pilgrimage
Submitted by M16806
Planning a Pilgrimage: Seven pointers towards making a sacred journey

1. Pack lightly – the essence of pilgrimage is to find out who we are outside the cocoon of our familiar milieu, so don’t try to bring it along with you!

2. Take comfortable clothing and shoes – you will only get to know the land by walking on it, and many sacred places tend to be off the beaten track.

3. Be prepared to get dirt in your sandals – we are a society addicted to a lifestyle that promises to make us feel clean, ... view more safe, and protected from the environment, rather than free and open to explore it.

4. Less is more – if you try to pack in too many places to visit, you will spend precious time on the road – especially in countries where poor or narrow roads make distances deceptive. We can end up replicating our frenetic lives back home and return with spiritual indigestion, rather than feeling nourished. Choose two or three special places and prepare to spend time there for a few days, getting to know them – and the local people – in different lights, weather and moods.

5. Let go of expectations – pilgrimage is a gradual process of unfolding and discovery rather than a goal in itself. Spiritual experiences have a disconcerting tendency to happen at the least expected times and places, and require us to stay open to a higher agenda than our own.

6. Embrace your shadow – delays and inconveniences on the road or in less-than-perfect lodgings can make us annoyed and irritated. At these times, we tend to see these things as roadblocks to the spiritual experience we hoped to have, whereas they are all part of it. If we observe ourselves compassionately under stress, we can learn a lot about how we operate out of our comfort zone.

7. ‘Wherever you go, there you are’ – or as St. Brigit once told some pilgrims:

‘It's labor great and profit small to go to Rome,
Thou wilt not find the king at all unless thou find him first at home.’

Getting to Kinsale from Cork
Submitted by M15343
A bus operates from Cork Airport to the center of Kinsale every hour during the week. Cabs from Cork Airport to Kinsale cost about €30.

If you are stuck, Kinsale Pottery will collect you from the airport. The pottery is 20 min. walk from Kinsale. Cabs from Kinsale to the pottery cost about €7.