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The National dish of Jordan is Manasaf
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The national dish of Jordan is Mansaf : Lamb seasoned with aromatic herbs, sometimes lightly spiced, cooked in yoghurt; it is taken seriously and hours are spent in preparing it.

Mansaf is cooked in Jameed (the Arabic ... view more word for dried yoghurt), which is then mixed with water in a tray to produce a creamy sauce. This is poured into a large stewing pot with chunks of lamb meat. The pot is put over an open fire. As the stew begins to warm, it is stirred to prevent the yoghurt from separating.

Large trays are covered with doughy flat Arabic bread and dampened with yoghurt. On top of this, a layer of rice is heaped. The meat is then piled on top. Almonds, pine-kernels and other nuts may be sprinkled over the dish, which is then ready for serving.

Jordan History & Culture
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Jordan is a land rich in history. Since the dawn of civilization, it has played an important role in trade between the east and the west because of its geographic location at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe.

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Jordan has been home to some of mankind's earliest settlements and relics of many of the world's great civilizations can still be found today.

Jordan played a vital role in Roman, Biblical, early Islamic, and Crusaders Periods. From the moment you arrive, you get a sense of the past. All around are remnants of civilizations long since relegated to the history books, yet they still remain, stamped into the very fabric of this amazing kingdom, and etched onto the soul of the people who live here.

​From the ancient Nabatean city of Petra, the miracle of the Dead sea and Jordan valley, the wonders of the Red Sea and Wadi Rum to the fine hotels, shopping centers and art galleries of modern Amman, Jordan truly is a nation rich in history and culture.

General Information about weather in Jordan
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Jordan has a long and pleasant spring and fall weather from March to May and September to November. Rain occasionally falls from December to April.
The summer months are hot but with little humidity. In the Jordan ... view more Valley, around the Dead Sea and in Aqaba on the Red Sea the winters are pleasant.
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Most nationalities can obtain visas at any border, port or airport EXCEPT the King Hussein (Allenby) bridge, which requires a pre-issued visa. Some nationalities require visas in advance. A single entry visa will ... view more cost you US$60.00. Groups consisting of 5 persons and over will be granted a free collective visa if they spend a minimum of two nights in the kingdom.
Tourist visas generally expire after two weeks, and are easily renewed. Otherwise, a penalty of US$ 2.00 per day

Jordan Climate
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Climate of Jordan

The climate in Jordan is semi-dry in summer with average temperature in the mid 30 °C (86 °F) and relatively cold in winter averaging around 13 °C (55 °F). The western part of the country ... view more receives greater precipitation during the winter season from November to March and snowfall in Amman (756 m (2,480 ft) ~ 1,280 m (4,199 ft) above sea-level) and Western Heights of 500 m (1,640 ft). Excluding the rift valley the rest of the country is entirely above 300 m (984 ft) (SL).[42] The weather is humid from November to March and semi dry for the rest of the year. With hot, dry summers and cool winters during which practically all of the precipitation occurs, the country has a Mediterranean-style climate. In general, the farther inland from the Mediterranean a given part of the country lies, the greater are the seasonal contrasts in temperature and the less rainfall.
Updated information for Jordanian Visa
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Jordan visa will be as follows starting of 1st April 2014 :
- Single entry visas valid for 2 months : 40 JOD .
- Double entry visas valid for 3 months :60 JOD.
- Multiple entry visas valid for 6 months:120 JOD.
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