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Mexico Travel Tips

Mexico travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.

Oaxacan Cuisine
Submitted by M20737
Oaxaca is famous as the "land of seven moles" - the complex chili sauce sometimes incorporating chocolate, nuts or toasted seeds and spices that change the flavors and the colors from Amarillo (yellow) to negro (black) - and I love them. But there is so much more to the region's food.
Choosing Tour for First Time Sea Kayaker
Submitted by M06872
For beginner kayakers considering taking a tour, here are some tips when shopping for a sea kayak outfitter that can help make that first sea kayaking tour a great experience. Most first-time kayakers will have a positive experience if the tour company and guides are sensitive and competent to deal with their needs. Be sure to inquire of the outfitter: the level of difficulty of the trip, duration, weather, typical participants (age, gender, paddling experience), which trips are suitable for beginners, the ... view more qualifications and experience of the guides, their philosophy about leading trips, and their approach to first-time kayakers, the guide to participant ratio; what kayaks and equipment are used, the weather conditions at different times of year, how many hours a day are paddling, etc.

You can also ask for a list of what to bring, their trip menu, references. Do ask what is included in trip price (ie meals, hotel nights, sleeping bags & pads, etc; does a motorboat go along to carry heavy supplies). Do some research on the areas best for novice kayakers and the times for calmest weather there. About 3-4 hours per day of paddling on a multi-day tour is most suited for folks who have never paddled before.

Paddling a sea kayak is comfortable and easy to learn. You glide silently across the water observing wildlife and the coastal environment close up. Anyone healthy and fit with a positive attitude can enjoy kayaking. Our premium quality, two-person kayaks are very stable and seaworthy. Since we cater to novice paddlers, we offer hiking and snorkeling each day and wildlife viewing as well as the paddling.

Cancun Hotel zone
Submitted by M05311
Cancun's hotel zone is 30 km long and has a famous 'L' shape. The short part of the L is the bay between Isla Mujeres and Cancun (the water here tends to be calm with hardly any current).

Each business/hotel on the hotel zone has it's address formed by the km it is located on. For example Aquaworld Cancun is located on Km 15.2. So, this is a good way to judge distances between hotels/restaurants etc.
Travel in Cancun - local bus
Submitted by M05311
When traveling in Cancun it's easier and cheaper to take the bus.

You can take the bus from outside your hotel at the regular stops along the hotel zone. The cost is 7.5 pesos for your complete journey within the hotel zone. Just ask your drive to drop you wherever you wish to go.

It's best to pay in pesos otherwise you will not receive the best exchange rate in change!!!
Taking Pictures to People in Tour
Submitted by M16526
Please ask before taking pictures. Just as you would not like to have a stranger come up to you and take a picture of you while sitting on your front porch either do the locals of the places that we visit. As you can imagine pictures of their children are also not appreciated.
Submitted by M16526
Please bring rechargeable batteries, a battery charger (and plug adapter if necessary). Batteries are incredibly toxic and many places that we travel do not have proper disposal facilities. Rechargeables are best but if this is not possible we recommend that you bring any used batteries back home with you for proper disposal.
Money Change
Submitted by M16526
For changing travellers checks or cash USD dollars, the best way is going or the front desk in the hotels, or any exchange money places. It's easier and faster than going to the banks.
best local breakfast on Cozumel Island
Submitted by M14900
Staying in Cozumel? Don't miss out on the best local breakfast of this island... Shrimp torta! In Spanish it's called Torta de Camaron, which means Shrimp sandwich. They cost $2.5, will get through the day and are just delicious!

The original place to get them is on calle 2 in front of the taxi stand, but other excelent places are:
- El Chino Marinero: Juarez con 25.
- Camaron Dorada: leaving town on Transversal The car in front of Turistico International cruiceship pier.
What to do in the Mexican Caribbean
Submitted by M14900
When staying in the Mexican Caribbean, make sure to visit a cenote! Cenotes are limestone sinkholes filled with fresh water. There are open cenotes and cenotes in caves, both are spectacular. If you like snorkeling or scuba diving, choose a cave cenote and take a guided tour through the caverns, it is an experience you will never forget.