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Photography on family vacations
Submitted by M18029
You want to take a vacation to shoot outdoor photos, but the rest of the family wants a tourist destination? Try these tips.

1. Pick the right places. Your kids want to see Disney, but you want to shoot the outdoors. Time to get creative! No matter what the kids’ desire may be, there is a scenic location nearby. Within an hour's drive of Walt Disney World, you could walk the scenic coastline of Cocoa Beach, explore the headwaters of the Wekiva River, or shoot a classic sunset over the historic St. Johns ... view more River. Any of those would be a great day trip, letting the family decompress while you get great photos.

2. Watch the clock. In a location with great outdoor photo potential, set your clock to a different "time zone" than the non-shooters. Your family likes to sleep in a bit in the morning. Let them - while you slip out to catch the morning "golden hour" of great light and no crowds. Come back and have breakfast with the family!

3. Make a deal. If you just can't get around time or location conflicts, it's time for Family Democracy. Gather the clan and lay out the conflict explicitly - and work together so every family member gets a part of the vacation.

4. Refine your definitions. You love shooting wildflowers, but the family has their heart set on seeing Historic Williamsburg. Time to re-think your photography! Shoot the three different gardens located in the Palace Green area on a walking tour. Look for your photo opportunities in unexpected places.

5. Get the kids their own cameras. Don't fight the youngsters, co-opt them! Have the kids join you in capturing the best parts of their vacation. Get them a beginner digital camera (2- to 3-meg range, under $50) and let them experience the fun of shooting.