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Montana Travel Tips

Montana travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.

Visiting an Indian Reservation
Submitted by M15288
Visiting Reservations: There are 7 Indian Reservations in Montana, all with their own unique cultures and ways. If you are visiting the 'rez' for the first time, here are a few things to consider. Remember you are a guest on the reservation which is sovereign tribal land, negotiated for by tribal leaders - often by relinquishing treasured traditional hunting grounds. Officially you have no legal right to be there and could be asked to leave by tribal authorities if you don't respect tribal ways.

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Ask first, shoot later! When visiting ALWAYS check if tribes allow photography or videography. Some sites and ceremonies are closely protected by native peoples and some tribes even ban sketches of ceremonies. Plus, if you want to photograph an individual, please ask first and if he says no or requests a fee for posing, don't be surprised. Many Indians are sensitive to exploitation by outsiders.

Don't go to homes unless you are invited. Might seem obvious, but truly it is not uncommon for native people to have tourists at their doors asking if they can look around or worse - some folks just walk right in.

New to Barefoot Running? Read This....
Submitted by M20810
If you’ve read Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run or own a pair of Vibram Five Fingers chances are you are a barefoot runner now. Before you head down to Copper Canyon for an ultra, be sure to ease into barefoot running. Gradually add barefoot mileage to your regular running plan. Your stride is also going to need to change as well; a more rapid turnover and NO HEEL STRIKING! Try landing on your mid-foot and rolling onto the ball as you push off with your toes. Also, try staying in your barefoot/minimalist ... view more shoes as much as possible so you continue to strengthen your feet while at work or walking across town. Most importantly, you don’t need barefoot running shoes to run barefoot…just head down to a grass field, best feeling ever.
What to wear for a Winter Run
Submitted by M20810
Even when its crazy cold outside you don’t need to wear a lot. Here’s what I had on for the run today. Base layer: Top- Under Armor cold gear. Top- simple Under Armor spandex on the bottom. Outer layer: Top- Nike polyester. Bottom- Champion Poly/Spandex blend. Shoes: Vibram Bikilas with Smartwool Toe Socks.