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Myanmar Travel Tips

Myanmar travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.

The Best way to experience Mergui Archipelago
Submitted by M21070
Currency: Kyat but the US dollar or Thai Baht is working very well. Best period to visit Mergui is from beginning Nov. until end April. Diving, snorkeling is fantastic.
Birdwatching is very popular all over the Mergui archipelago. All Sailing cruises have Myanmar Guide on board.
Myanmar or Burma travel tips
Submitted by M16198
Visa Application

Tourist visa for Myanmar can be obtained from any Myanmar embassy or consulate office in abroad -address in "Myanma Embassies Abroad". Tourist visas are valid to stay 28 days in Myanmar and can be extended in Yangon. You can ask an application form from Embassy. APPLICATION TIME may take one to three days to obtain your entry visa depending on the embassy you apply, application time and current regulations. Three passport photos will be required.
There are two kinds of tourist visas. ... view more Entry Visa tourist EVT (Package) & EVT (FIT-Foreign Independent Tourist).
EVT (Package) - valid three months from the date of Issue and require a tour confirmation letter from an authorized travel agent of Myanmar.
EVT (FIT) - valid one month from the date of Issue but require no tour confirmation letter. Both visas have same status and procedure on arrival at Yangon airport.
Since Oct 1, 2003, all traveler do not need to change with FECs regardless of Package or FIT visa.


1. Two completed application forms and one completed "Report of Arrival" form with a photo (approx 1.5" x 2") on each. Application forms can be requested from any Myanmar Embassies or down-loaded from Embassy web site.
2. An evidence of the trip - copy of air ticket/ itinerary/ letter from the travel agent (required for Package Traveller only).
3. Send your application along with prepaid Self -Addressed Envelope (FedEx/ USPS-Express Mail/ DHL/ UPS/ Airborne) (Payment arranged through Credit Cards are not accepted).
4. Passport of at least 6 months validity with available visa pages.
5. Payment of US$20 per applicant for visa fee, payable to the Embassy of Myanmar in official check, company check or money order only (personal checks are not accepted).