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Namibia Travel Tips

Namibia travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.

Sunshine and Umbrella Drinks
Submitted by M18337
For most oversea's travelers arriving in Namibia, the weather here is warm to really hot for them, because they are so used to cold temperatures in there respective countries even when they are here during the winter; they still hang around with swimming shorts, bikini's or t-shits and shorts thus please note that the weather here can get pretty hot in the summer especially in the Sossusvlei(Desert)areas so swimming wear and sun cream are essentials when traveling to Namibia between October and March. ... view more However during the winter months the weather can get fairly cold, even for foreigners, so do take into consideration jackets and jerseys when traveling between April and September.
Namibia Visa Requirements
Submitted by M18337
Great News - All American citizens and most European Nationals do not need a visa to visit our beautiful country. Countries that do not require a visa to enter Namibia for tourism purpose include but not limited to UK, Australia, Japan, Canada, China, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Germany and so on...
What to pack for a Safari in Africa
Submitted by M18304
1. Pack light - generally you'll be limited to 12 kg in a soft back because you'll be flying in light aircraft.
2. Take comfortable, casual clothes - pants, shorts, comfy tops, swimsuit, windcheater, jersey etc - preferably in neutral colours. You'd don't need too many clothes as there are laundry facilities (usually complimentary).
3. Nice to have something smarter for evenings.
4. Don't forget a good sunscreen and a sunhat.
5. Toiletries in small plastic containers.
6. Insect ... view more repellent in stick or cream form.
7. Any medication you need to have.
8. Camera & binoculars.

What are the best destinations in Africa?
Submitted by M05203
Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania are the most popular destinations, but deciding what you want to do is just as important as looking at where you want to go.
There are many types of safari available these days, from family safaris, night and walking safaris, to horse-riding and canoeing.

Kenya is considered by many to be the home of safari, with 59 wildlife parks and reserves, the Masai Mara being the best known and most visited. It's affordable, especially if you join a package tour, or camp.

South ... view more Africa. The Kruger National Park is probably the best-known game park in South Africa, which is generally thought to be a good value destination. You can expect to find the big five here, as well as small animals like the bushbaby and meerkat.

Botswana and Tanzania. If you're after an individually tailored trip, Botswana or Tanzania could be for you. The trips here tend to be more exclusive, and, as you often have to fly to remote, inaccessible destinations, the price can really hike up. You can do safari DIY-style, but beware - wildlife tends to live away from the beaten track, so you'll more than likely need a guide, transport and accommodation.

Namibia has quickly become a good value destination, with safaris taking place in stunning desert landscapes. Camping here is also an excellent option for those on a shoestring.

Zambia is often described as Africa's big secret because of it’s wonderful wildlife, and very few visitors. A good option if you want to avoid the tourist crowds.

Mozambique is also becoming very popular. After your safari, you can choose to relax on the stunning coast, or one of the beautiful offshore islands.

Uganda is a must if you are interested in seeing gorillas and chimps, and it offers one of the best water rafting experience in the world.

The Secret Season
Submitted by M11370
Many people do not know this, but if you travel to South Africa during the southern African Winter months you can get much reduced rates for accommodation, especially in the Wildlife areas.

The so called secret season varies from country to country, but basically is as follows:
- South Africa - May to September,
- Botswana - October to February,
- Namibia - October to February,
- Zambia - October to February,
- Mozambique - May to September.