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Nicaragua Travel Tips

Nicaragua travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.

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The water temperature varies between 70F to 78 F from December to March and between 78F to 84F from March to December.


You will need the following gear:

1/8" to 3/16" (3 – 5 mm) wet suit, mask, fins, snorkel, regulator with visible pressure gauge, a mandatory dive computer, buoyancy compensator, depth gauge, dive gloves, weight belt (without weights) and dive watch. It is recommended that you mark each piece of gear with waterproof paint or tape. We ... view more suggest you put all or most of the above items in a carry-on bag.

We provide you with 80 cubic ft. (12 lt.) tanks and weights.

Please note we have full ScubaPro dive gear available to rent. Please let us know prior to the trip if you need to rent gear. Our office can provide rental prices.

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Find out what to bring.

-Travel alarm clock

-Shirts: Cotton or light synthetic, long-and short sleeved

-Trousers: Cotton or light synthetic pants. Bring at least 2 sets of clothes that dry quickly (Jeans not recommened; too slow to dry.)

-Hiking Shorts.

-Footwear: waterproff, light-weight boots, river sandals (Tev-type sandals), tennis shoes/running shoes. If you do not bring hiking boots, make sure you bring TWO pairs of tennis shoes. As soon as one pair gets wet, use that pair whenever you are ... view more likely to get your feet wet. Go to any leght to keep the other pair dry!

-Socks: Bring exta pairs in case feet get wet.

-Rain gear: poncho, raincoat and umbrella

-Hat(s) with visor for rain and sun protection.

-Ziplock plastic bags for spillable toiletries, and plastic garbage bags for wet items.



-Small first aid kit with things for cuts, bruises and bug bites.

-Eye drops and ear drops.

-Extra prescription glasses and medications (if applicable).


When traveling on light aircraft or by boat, due to weight limitations you will need to restrict what you are taking with you to 25 lbs. Per person including cameras, clothing, etc.


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-For Teens & precocious readers, the Most Beautiful Roof in the World by Kathryn Laskey.
A Gulliver Green Book
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