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Puerto Rico Travel Tips

Puerto Rico travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.

What Documentation do I Bring?
Submitted by M19203
As documentation requirements sometimes change and vary with visitor nationalities, you alone are responsible for ensuring that you have the proper documentation required for your entry into the foreign destination and your return. Please double check that you have valid documentation prior to booking your cruise.

Starting December 31, 2005, the U.S. Government is introducing new passport rules that will affect travel to many destinations. For information on obtaining or renewing a passport, visit the State ... view more Department's Website. Remember that U.S. passports are valid for ten years.
What Should I back on my dive trip?
Submitted by M19203
Your vacation is designed to be fun, relaxing and very casual. You will be most comfortable in lightweight, casual clothes and beach wear. You will most likely spend most of your days in swim wear, shorts and T-shirts. Light cover-up clothing, sunglasses and wide brimmed hat will protect you from tropical sun. Since the evenings can get cool, we also recommend a wind breaker or sweatshirts and light pair of long pants. A visit to your local dive shop for annual equipment overhaul and inspection is a good idea.

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- Shorts,
- Bathing Suits,
- Comfortable walking shoes,
- Casual Shirts or T-shirts,
- Casual Outfit,
- Wet shoes.

If you are sensitive to the sun:
- Long-sleeve shirt,
- Long pants,
- Cap / hats,
- Sweatshirt / lightweight jacket.

Dive Checklist:
- Scuba Certification Card,
- Mask and Snorkel,
- Fins,
- Booties,
- Regulator/ depth gauge,
- BCD,
- Dive Computer,
- Wet suit or dive skin,
- Underwater camera and video.

Personal Items:
- Toiletries (shampoo),
- Sunscreen,
- Sunglasses,
- A good book,
- Batteries,
- Hair Dryer,
- Camera, film, accessories,
- Bug Spray.

Please bring any prescription medications in original pharmacy containers to smooth your way through U.S. customs.

Valid Passport

Dining in Culebra (Spanish V.I.)
Submitted by M18861
- Cayo Swim Up Bistro - For a fine dining experience.
- Club Seabourne is a Tropical Restaurant
- Dakity Restaurant & Shipwreck Bar located in Bahia Marina condo resort.
- Dinghy Dock Bar-B-Q Restaurant - Very casual restaurant and bar. The place to go for Beakfast, Lunch and Dinner. You can either get here by walking or on your own dighy. You will see big fish by the dock waiting for something to fall into the water!
- El Meson de Goyita is right on Flamenco Beach. They serve turnovers, kabobs and stuffed ... view more "arepas", among other things.
- Shark's Bar & Grill is located in Costa Bonita Beach Resort.

In downtown Culebra you will find:
- Barbara-Rosa's
- Cafe del Puerto
- El Eden provides great food. Fresh fish! Neptune Bar & Mermaid Wines.
- Mamacitas Bar & Grill - Our favorite place in the whole island. Very relaxing atmosphere. Here you can watch the iguanas hang out while you sip on your favorite drink and eat appetizers, fajitas, burgers or salads.
- Pandeli where you find the best sandwiches in town. Wireless internet available.
- Susie's Tropical Latitudes Cuisine
- The Spot Lunch Bar

Hot Beaches to Explore in Vieques
Submitted by M18861
Blue Beach - A very secluded beach perfect for those seeking for peace and tranquility. Here you will find is beautiful blue waters. The waters have perfectly coordinating shades of blue with clear waters and soft crisp white waves.

Black Sand Beach - This beach is a bit difficult to find but truly worth the effort. The sand is really black!

Esperanza Beach - This is a beautiful beach with crystal clear waters. It is great for snorkeling. Take a walk along the strip, watch the sunset shining on colorful ... view more fisherman's boat on the blue waters.

Green Beach - This beach is located on the northern side of Vieques. This beach has a lot of green flora along the coast just naturally growing wild and free. Popular for snorkeling and family friendly waters. On this beach you can appreciate the magnificent wildlife of this island. Here you find pelicans just ”chilling” on rocks above the water.

Red Beach / Playa Caracas - Located on the southern side of Vieques. Stunning view of mountains around you, rocks at the far left end, and lots of soft sand to lay, relax and get some rays. There are some gazebos along the beach that were built by the US Fish and Wildlife Services, therefore making it a very family friendly place.

Sun Bay Beach - This is a top favorite among the locals and travelers. It is considered very family oriented since it has picnic tables, restrooms, and a camp ground. It is also one of the most beautiful beaches in Vieques, but then again, they all are.

As you can see, many beaches to visit and explore!

Hot Beaches to Explore in Culebra
Submitted by M18861
In Culebra the most popular beach is Flamenco Beach. It is famous for its beauty. This particular beach also has the convenience of food and drinks which is something no other beach on the island has. Here, you can visit a beach each day since there are so many to check out. These are all good for snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing or just swimming and relaxing. Feel free to ask locals which beach would be perfect to do some surfing at, since as you may know it all depends on the wind and waves conditions. The coral ... view more reefs on each one of these beaches are all worth seeing.

Tortuga Beach in Culebrita Island. Culebrita is the largest key in eastern Culebra. If you go snorkeling on this island you might want to stay on the South shore and explore the reefs to your drop off point. There is the Culebrita Lighthouse you can check out. It is well worth the hike.

Malena - Is a small bay facing east, protected by a reef area from the ocean swell. It has a tiny sandy beach area, mangroves and beautiful rocks. This area is considered part of the Nature Reserve. It is only a few feet away from Punta Soldado. Basically the things to do around here are swimming, snorkeling or just hanging out. Hiking would be beautiful around this area, there are many cacti and low brush.

Melones - A favorite of many snorkeling enthusiasts. This coral beach can be reached easily by foot from town!

Mosquito - A quiet beach with road access and a little bit of shade, there is a beautiful reef to snorkle in at both ends of Mosquito.

Sardinas - Very near the town, here you don't have to travel far, the water is calm and there are fish to see and catch.

Punta Soldado - is a lovely quiet beach made up of small pebbles. Swimming and snorkeling are great in this beach. You can see beautiful Vieques and the main island of Puerto Rico.

Zoni - A very quiet beach with public access facing Northeast. It has a great view of Culebrita, Cayo Norte and St. Thomas.