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Spain Travel Tips

Spain travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.
My favorite places for eat in Madrid
Submitted by M20774
According to traditions Madrid is the place to taste Hot Chocolate with Fried "Churros", small beers with the calamari or squid sandwich and Tapas indeed! But we have more surprises for you:

Casa Botin ... view more (17,Cuchilleros). This is the place for a classical castellan cuisine According to the Guinness Book of Records, it is the oldest restaurant in the world, founded in 1725. It has four floors including the cellaring its vaults give it a very peculiar style. Artist Goya supposedly worked here before becoming a painter. Hemingway was a frequent visitor and pronounced it one of his favorite restaurants.

San Miguel Building Marketplace (1, Plaza San Miguel) is a people's marketplace serving residents and travellers alike. Beautiful and pleasant atmosphere. Restaurants and cafés serve cuisine representing the quality and cultural diversity of Spain best chefs.

Estado Puro (4, Canovas Del Castillo Sq.) For contemporary Tapas -Small Plates of finguer food- or Pintxos - bite sizes food with tooth pickes eaten- this one´s are inspired by the food and flavors of Spain, featuring different regional specialties and wines. A Spanish tapas bar is a place where friends and family gather to eat and drink while standing, sitting or moving about to catch up with others for those last bites.

Ada Hotel’s Terrace (2, Gran Vía). It is located at the roof top dinning of the building. It is the ideal spot for soaking up the sun and enjoying a quiet drink and a light fare while admiring breathtaking views of Madrid.

Terraza del Casino (15,Alcalá Street). If you're looking for a special dinner this 2 Michelin Stars restaurant is a special "experience". This establishment, opened in 1836, in a gorgeous rooftop location, offers an opportunity to experience cuisine in the famous Chef Ferran Adria style without vacuuming out your pockets If you are a true foodie you will find this place an absolute joy.

Casual places before or after shopping
Submitted by M20774
Casual places where the natives go:
Chocolateria San Ginés (5, Pasadizo de San Gines). The fried strip doughs with a hot thick chocolate cream ("Chocolate con Churros") is a Madrilian specialty, and this is ... view more the place to try it. They are eaten for breakfast, at mid-afternoon, or before going to bed after a nigh out; the place closes at 4am! Cafeteria Magerit (2 Plaza Mayor). Here you can taste the calamari or squid sandwich ("bocadillo de calamares" in Spanish). This is likely the most popular food in the establishments that ring Plaza Mayor. To prepare the sandwich the squid is sliced, battered, deep fried in olive oil, placed between two slices of baguette bread, and then served. To eat a calamari sandwich like the locals, order a glass of beer and enjoyit standing at the bar.
Shopping Time
Submitted by M20774
If you looping for sonthing really original , unique, handmade craf made in Madrid, this are "mis favoritos". Hernanz Shop - This shop is certainly the most known of all the factories of espadrilles in Spain. ... view more Everything has been handmade since its beginning over 160 years ago and it is owned by the same family for five generations. Observe the long wooden counter that dates back to the 19th century. The espadrilles were traditional footwear for peasants, but in 1960 Yves Saint Laurent’s top models wore them at a fashion show. Since that make them high fashion. Experience the "unique service" no credit cards accepted!

La Violeta Shop (Canalejas Sq.) This shop sells sweets made with violet essence (the flavour of Madrid). It was a success from the very beginning. We do not know why King Alfonso XIII decided to make this special kind of sweets but probably because there are many violets in the mountains located at the north of Madrid. Legend said that King Alfonso XIII usually bought violets for his "official" wife, Queen Victoria Eugenia and also for his "second" wife. At least in this type of arrangement it is was an easy way not to mix up the presents.
Loewe (7, Gran Via St.) Luxury Madrilenian brand specialized in high quality leather goods and accessories since 1846 this is the most elegant leather store in town.

Seseña (23, Cruz St.)- Since the XVI century the Spanish cape has been always the garment of choice for those who like to dress with distinction so, symbolizes classical fashion. In fact Dior introduce the Capes in the 2012 Winter Haute Couture Collection.

The nightlife in Madrid is unique
Submitted by M20774
The nightlife in Madrid is unique - there is nothing like it anywhere in the world. There are always places where you can go out, to dance, laugh, talk, or flirt. In Madrid, going out at night is a source of culture. ... view more There is something for everybody: from the most minimalist chill-out bars to the most enticing clubs and Goth bars, from the questionable dives to the wildest afterhour’s clubs and nostalgic dance-halls. Some favorites of mine are:
- Distinguished: Cock (De la Reina St. #16) A secret place since it opened in the 1920´s, decorated in sporting British style. It’s the perfect place to chat and enjoy the pleasant music and drinks. The irreverent Coen brothers visited the place and rated it as a truly elegant spot in town.
- Classic: Del Diego(De la Reina St. #16). You will never be disappointed here. Visit the new and fashionable places open continuously in town and, at the end, you will be back to this Mad Man style pub. The waiters are a real sight: elegant and impeccable in their tuxedos. This venue offers one of the longest cocktail menus in Madrid.
- Stylish: Glass Bar in Hotel Urban (Carrera De San Jeronimo #34). A cozy and refined atmosphere for the coolest people. Surrounded by glass panels, with an impressive chandelier imported from Morocco in the spotlight and transparent 'Ghost' chairs designed by French Philippe Starck, this is the ideal space for feeling special, for seeing and being seen while distractedly watching a classic movie.
- Decadent: Toni 2 (Almirante St. #9) When the night starts to fade out, around 3 am, it is the time to land on this Piano Bar. Here you will find all kind of people crammed around a Yamaha grand piano, which, like a demiurge full of magnetism, makes things happen around him. A lot of fun.

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