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Tanzania Travel Tips

Tanzania travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.

Why a visit to Tanzania?
Submitted by M19373
Tanzania is country so wealthy that it would practically take years to document all the resources. Not only is the country proud to bear witness to the highest and largest free standing mountain in the world but also to the rich and diverse wildlife concentrations, mineral and other resources available. If Africa’s tourism opportunities were to be summarized by one single country, that country would be Tanzania.

Visit Tanzania for its:

Wildlife watching and nature safaris:
Tanzania prides huge numbers of ... view more wildlife spread all over the country and each of these wildlife display their own characteristics particular to the ecosystem. With Tanzania’s national park and game reserves located so remotely such as selous and mahale mountains.

Tanzania’s rich biodiversity can be done by taking a count of the following: 3000 lions in the selous, regular sightings of African Hunting dogs in Ruaha extinct in most parts of Africa, chimpanzees in mahale and Gombe in their nature habitat, Millions of wildebeests and zebras in the Serengeti national park and the list goes on.

Visiting Tanzania on A Wildlife And Nature safari Ascertains A once in a lifetime experience unlike anything guests have Encountered.

Active Adventure: Climb the “Natural Wonder of the World”.
Mount Kilimanjaro being easily accessible has been the dream of many athletes and adventurers who wish to experience and pride themselves of having been to the roof of Africa. The variety of routes suited for varying lifestyles makes mount Kilimanjaro a must climb for people who just want to experience nature or view the ecosystems and terrains. For those ready to take up the challenge, opportunities exist to make it all the way to the top with the help of professional and certified g uides and porters.

Tanzania Safari Vacation
Submitted by M19373
An African Safari ("Safari" means travel in the Swahili language) allows you to explore an astonishing diversity of landscapes, abundant wildlife and fascinating cultures in Tanzania while visiting the famous National Parks within Northern Tanzania. The vast open plain of Serengeti with the largest concentration of wildlife in the world and famous for annual wildlife migration.

Africa's Eden the unique Ngorongoro Crater, the spectacular Lake Manyara National Park in the Great Rift Valley with its ... view more tree climbing Lion, Tarangire National Park, famous for its eco system with huge Baobab trees and large herds of Elephants and Arusha National Parks hidden treasure on the foothills of Volcanic Mount Meru will make your visit to East Africa unforgettable. A Kilimanjaro climb is one of the most exciting experiences when you travel in Africa.
Mount Kilimanjaro climbing
Submitted by M18377
To determine success climbing Kilimanjaro to the summit, you need to prepare mentally and physically. Weather some times affects or cause altitude sickness, and so you have to know weather of Kilimanjaro on the month you want to visit. This will help you do proper acclimatization. Another important issue is to study and understand all Kilimanjaro climbing, trekking routes. Choosing suitable route for you it depends your physical condition and experience. How ever best routes advisable and success nowadays are ... view more Machame, rongai, Lemosho. Marangu is considered easiest but some time you meet a lot of people while climbing.
Submitted by M20592
Tipping is regarded as a normal in Tanzania and an essential part of the safari for any special or personal services rendered. This is true for guides, porters, waiters, etc.
Submitted by M20592
Tanzania is the safest country in Africa. But walking alone after dark alone is not recommended. In the parks, hotels, lodges, beaches basically any where outside of the larger cities it is absolutely safe. There is no doubt that the general level of security in Tanzania is very high.
Submitted by M20592
Very good handmade souvenirs are available at prices which will depend on the quality of a given item and on the ability of the buyer to bargain with the seller. Wooden carvings, single carvings, precious gemstones such as Tanzanite, unique to Tanzania, and a variety of handcrafts are all available. Purchases can be made in Tanzanian shillings, American dollars, Traveler's Checks, Euro, Credit cards and Pounds Stirling.
Water and Food
Submitted by M20592
The food is very delicious in both lodges and camps. Most of the lodges and hotels are two or three star level. We recommend that you always drink bottled water throughout your game drive. A variety of soft drinks, beer, wine and spirits are generally available for purchase.
Telephone and Fax
Submitted by M20592
It is easy to call directly to your home country or even send a fax. In the remote areas of the National Parks, communication is done by mobile phones, radio calls and at the lodge or hotels there are telephone, fax and internet services. You may want to check with your mobile phone service to see if your particular (GSM) mobile telephone will function in Tanzania and the cost for minutes.
Submitted by M20592
The electric current is normally 220-240 volts. While all of the lodges and hotels will have a 120V socket that will enable use of an electric shaver or to recharge camera batteries, it is advised to bring a universal adapter to avoid problems.
Submitted by M20592
All of our safaris are normally in four wheel drive (4WD) safari vehicles with a pop up roof built specially for safari. We have transfer minibuses with up to twenty-five seats and smaller vans with eight seats. Safari vehicle seat six comfortably and we do not exceed that number except in an emergency.
Submitted by M20592
On your safari, camera equipment is allowed and encouraged. But when one takes a picture of people, they often feel offended and may even throw a stone toward the vehicle. They may think that you are going to make money from their picture.

Be aware and sensitive of this. It is extremely important to ask permission before shooting photos of people, especially the Maasai people who can get quite upset. Please use your best judgment and ask your guide to assist you to avoid any inconvenience which can occur. The ... view more offer of a few coins sometimes makes all the difference.
Submitted by M20592
It is advised that you wear clothing that breathes easily. For example, a pair of trousers (jeans), pair of shorts, cotton clothes or similar are recommended. Light cotton shirts or T-shirts, a jacket or sweater, two pairs of light shoes, and light boots will all be handy.

A swim suit is needed for those going to the beaches. In the highlands areas such as Ngorongoro Crater or Mount Kilimanjaro, temperatures can be considerably cold, reaching 6 degrees centigrade (40 °F) at night. It is important to bring some ... view more warm clothing when going on safari to these areas. By following these guidelines, one can enjoy a comfortable safari with no fear of excess baggage that might be required to be left behind when taking a local flight within the National Parks or to the coast (Zanzibar).
Submitted by M20592
Due to the limited space in the vehicles and small planes, there is limit for the size and weight of luggage. For international airlines, the limit is 20kg (44 pounds) per person, for the local flights, the limit is 15kg (33 pounds) per person. Our safari vehicles have limited luggage space in order to give you enough space to move around to take pictures on your safari.

Therefore, the smaller your bag, the more comfortable it is for everyone in the vehicle. In addition to one bags, everyone is allowed to take ... view more a camera and a small backpack. Soft luggage is very much preferred unless you are carrying sensitive camera equipment.
Submitted by M20592
It is recommended to consult with your physician or county medical travel department to obtain a prescription for anti-malaria tablets before coming to Tanzania. This should be done well in advance of your departure as some time is required for your body to build up immunity.

There are hospitals in the big cities of Arusha, Moshi, Kilimanjaro. Every lodge in the parks has a medical assistant or doctor. With payment of a small membership fee, the Flying Doctors services are rendered just in case of an emergency ... view more while anywhere within the Tanzania National Parks. These doctors can perform an evacuation by flying a patient directly to Nairobi for further medical treatment.
Submitted by M20592
Tanzanian shillings are the country's currency unit. Both coins and notes or bills are available. Bureau de Changes are all over the towns and cities as well as in all lodges or hotels with good rates. American dollars, Euro and Pounds Sterling are acceptable. but it is advisable to pay for drinks and other services in local currency.

The use of traveler's checks is possible when signed and accompanied by a written address and passport number. Credit cards are occasionally accepted but there may be an ... view more additional charge to cover the bank fee. You may find cash machines (ATM) where you can withdraw only local currency. These machines are rare outside of the larger-size towns or cities.
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