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Thailand Travel Tips

Thailand travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.

Low cost New Year Sailing Phuket
Submitted by M21070
Fantastic weather around 30 degree Celsius.
Currency: Baht. Exploring the islands from Phuket to Koh Lipe. New Year Special includes all food and drink for 7 days. Dive and snorkel in crystal clear water.
Domestic Thailand Flights
Submitted by M12409
When flying within Thailand, check out the local domestic, budget airlines - Nok Air and Air Asia. They offer much cheaper fares than the national carrier Thai Airways.
Thailand Temple Etiquette
Submitted by M20947
Visitors to Thai temples (wats) may find the atmosphere surprisingly relaxed as they often serve as local community centers. Within the temple grounds children can sometimes be seen playing games of football or basketball and monks may engage you in conversation.

However, there are some important things to note before visiting any wat, particularly before entering the hall where the main Buddha image is housed:

• Always take off your shoes and hat before entering a temple.
• It’s bad manners (and bad ... view more luck) to step on the raised threshold of a doorway. Always step over it.
• Do not point at anything with your feet or step on money (as it has the King’s image on it).
• Inside the wat, do not sit with your legs outstretched in front of you, as then you would be pointing the bottoms of your feet at the Buddha image or monks. Sit like the locals, with your legs tucked back to the side, or cross-legged.
• Dress politely. Shoulders must be covered. Long shorts are acceptable in most temples; however, in the Grand Palace you must wear long pants or skirts.
• Bear in mind that local people are not at the temple to provide you with photo opportunities. If you do take photos, take them discretely and respectfully.
• Leaving a small donation in the collection boxes will go towards the upkeep of the temple and earns merit for the donor!
• All Buddha images are sacred no matter how big or small or what state of disrepair they may be in. Treat them respectfully - no touching or climbing.
• The Bo tree is sacred because the Buddha achieved enlightenment whilst sitting under a Bo tree. It is easy to recognize by its large size and sprawling branches. The tree trunk may be wrapped in a saffron robe. Do not touch or climb these sacred trees. Do, however, enjoy a rest on the benches under the Bo trees and contemplate what you have learned and experienced during your visit!

Thailand Weather
Submitted by M20519
Generally the best time to visit Thailand is between November to February when the weather tends to be cooler and dryer. But because Thailand has many different regions weather patterns can vary from one tourist spot to another.

Though weather is an important consideration, rates also play a valuable significant weight in decision making, therefore even though May to October is the rainy season, here you'll find the best rates throughout the year with low season specials. We suggest to forget the rains ... view more because it doesn't rain all day and most usually during the evenings. Besides the rains bring nature alive with greener trees, blooming flowers and rainbows!

Weather patterns and historical data for major tourist destinations in Thailand should help you with decision making regarding where you will want to spend your Thailand holidays.

Information courtesy of Thai Meteorological Department : www.tmd.go.th/en/

Thailand Airlines & Low Cost Carriers
Submitted by M20519
The easiest, fastest and most comfortable way to travel great distances is by air, Thailand has approximately 26 airports that serve schedule passenger service on commercial planes and 35 smaller airports that handle private planes and charter flights, therefore traveling by plane is a safe and convenient alternative.

The following is a list of domestic airlines operating within the Kingdom of Thailand, most of these carriers also operate international flights to regional countries.

Thailand currently has two ... view more low cost carriers and two schedule carriers which

Thailand Domestic Airlines:
1. Thai Airways International: www.thaiair.com
2. Bangkok Airways: www.bangkokair.com
3. Nok Air: www.nokair.com
4. Thai Air Asia: www.airasia.com
5. Orient Thai: www.flyorientthai.com