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Tobago Travel Tips

Tobago travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.
Single ladies traveling
Submitted by M20487
Single ladies: The island is still quite safe if you listen to your instincts and don't do things you wouldn't do at home either. Due to the increase of tourism you will, of course, be exposed to increased ... view more harassment but normally it doesn't get too bad or physical. The former old time respect towards a lady is fading.

I think that both sides are to blame for that. However, most Tobagonians will still accept a brief strong "no" (without a friendly smile).
Never take hitchhikers. Getting 'involved' with a Tobagonian male can be tricky. Many still think that this means that from now on the foreign lady is exclusively 'theirs'(..as long as she's in Tobago, of course). After, well, there will be another one...

Sun protection and medication
Submitted by M20487
Buy good sun lotion/sun block with a very high protection factor; you can get sunburn even on a cloudy day or when sitting in the shade under a tree. Otherwise bring the usual basic medication supply for traveling - that's enough.
Phone and cell phone service
Submitted by M20487
Telephone and cell phones: the overseas code to European countries starts with 011, followed by the country code, then the city code without the 0, and then the phone number. One (1) is the country code for the USA. ... view more Direct calls to Europe and elsewhere are no problem.

Coin phones are scarce; it is better to buy a phone card. You get the cards in supermarkets, other shops or directly at TSTT (Telecommunication T&T). Practical for oversea calls are the "companion cards", where you have an own account, your own PIN number and so forth - detailed instructions are written on the back of the card. You can also use them to make calls from a private phone; the fees will not appear on the bill of the owner. Some European cell phones function in Tobago. You have to go to the local telephone company in Scarborough (TSTT) to put everything in place.
Most American cell phones are no problem.

Time difference
Submitted by M20487
Toabgo-Europe: Winter time difference is 5 hours, summer time difference 6 hours earlier than in Europe with the exception of England where you have 4 hours/5 hours difference.
In Tobago it's the same time as in New York.
Submitted by M20487
Topless? Never ever ever in Tobago!! Also swimwear is inappropriate when in town or in restaurants and bars - this is considered rude; you could be denied access or be treated disrespectfully. Some bars, restaurants and ... view more shops don't allow shorts, bareback (for men), baseball caps, muscle shirts etc.
Vaccinations and medication
Submitted by M20487
Vaccinations: you don’t need any; just get a tetanus and polio booster. If you depend on any medications, bring them with you, you cannot rely that a pharmacy has in stock exactly the type and form you need.
Submitted by M20487
Voltage is mostly 110 V. If your appliance is made for 220V it can still be damaged. You should use a transformer unless it has a switch to change the voltage. Wall outlets are made for American plugs.

All other ... view more countries should bring adapter plugs.
Be careful with European hair dryers! They can plunge your accommodation into sudden darkness if you forget to switch from 220 to 110! The smell after is also quite bad!

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