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Tobago Travel Tips

Tobago travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.

Food and safety
Submitted by M20487
The 'cuisine' is multicultural and tasty; you can normally eat everything without problems.
Avoid fish and meat from places where it is not refrigerated. Fresh fish directly from the fishermen is excellent and recommended. Best places are all villages at the ocean right after the catch comes in, as well as Pigeon Point and Mt. Irvine. Your landlord or we also can recommend restaurants and bars, just ask.
Environment and pollution
Submitted by M20487
Environment: The consciousness in regard of pollution is, unfortunately, still underdeveloped. Garbage is dumped at Studley Park, you will find a few recycling plants in Trinidad, but not in Tobago. There are some recent attempts to collect plastic and bottles. Nothing is done yet about aluminium or paper.

It's difficult to escape the flood of plastic bags from the supermarkets. Attempts are made recently to encourage the public to bring own bags. Try it out but don't be frustrated if you are ... view more unsuccessful.

Be a good example, don't leave your garbage at the beach, and avoid stepping on reefs and picking coral; the deterioration of the reefs accelerates with expansion of tourism.

Submitted by M20487
Drugs: Keep away from all drugs at all times - they are illegal and the "scene" in Tobago is small but intense. Somebody might have a grudge against your dealer and you never know who is watching you. There are also some people who might have a cousin in the police force.
Driver's license and rental car
Submitted by M20487
Driver's license: You can use your national license for up to 6 weeks, after that you need an international license which is then valid for 3 months driving in Tobago. The international license alone is not enough - you have to prove by showing your national license that you are not disqualified from driving.

Faxes and copies of licenses are not accepted by the local authorities. So make sure you bring the original. Please note: you have to be over 25 years and under 65 years and driving for at least 2 years to rent a car in Tobago.
Drinking water
Submitted by M20487
Drinking water in Tobago is not so clean and safe anymore and has a high concentration of chlorine. Better buy cheap gallon bottles in the supermarket; the cheap brands are just as good as expensive ones.
Hustlers and harassment at the beach
Submitted by M20487
Beach harassment mostly consists of somebody wants to sell you something at a ridiculous price, for example a coconut - which the seller himself might have stolen from some tree. Ask for the price before you start any negotiations or say "Not today" which is a polite Tobagonian form of rejection in all situations.

Some guys might settle down comfortably by your side and start to tell you an endless story. The "normal" hints like staring in your book or closing your eyes will not work. Direct ... view more confrontation with direct statements is much better. Examples: "I would like to have some privacy" or "Leave me/us alone" can be quite effective. In serious cases get serious as well and threaten to call "999", the emergency number for the police. This normally helps as those guys don't expect a tourist to know this number.

You can also approach a dozing security guard on some of the beaches. This action is called for in rare cases if somebody wants to sell you drugs on the beach, which is highly illegal.

How to deal best with animals and insects
Submitted by M20487
In Tobago there are no dangerous animals and only one poisonous type of snake, the coral snake but you will hardly meet it in public and the coloring is a warning in itself (orange and black rings). Insects and other animals live in the rain forest unless you keep garbage in your room. Put everything in the fridge (besides spices and tins). Throw your garbage away immediately and rinse out your bottles. In this way your room will normally stay free of insects. An excellent tip: keep your "wet garbage" in ... view more a plastic bag in the fridge.

Just be aware that everything is bigger than you think - butterflies, flowers or bees.
The whistling from sunset to sunrise is not from birds but tree frogs; you will get used to it and maybe even miss it.

Dogs: Keep away from stray dogs, most of them belong to fishermen or have various diseases like mange, fleas and tics. Do abstain from feeding them: if you do feed them on your porch for example, you will never get rid of them again. You will enjoy permanent dog fights in front of your window and any guests who come after you (maybe with small kids) will experience a hell of a time.

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