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Uganda Travel Tips

Uganda travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.

Accommodation in Bwindi
Submitted by M20444
Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Hotels, camps and Lodges

Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge: Situated overlooking the forest. 8 bandas.

Gorilla Forest Camp: Modern luxury Tented Camp with flash toilets, solar power. 8 tents. Within the park.

Buhoma Homestead: Upmarket Lodge with about 8 rooms. Flash toilets and solar power.

Bwindi Engagi Lodge: Upmarket Lodge with 8 tents. 5 minutes drive from the park gate.

Bwindi Gorilla Resort: Mid-range tented camp with 8 tents.

Bwindi Community Camp: Basic 8-room camp ... view more run by the community in Bwindi. Also offers the Buhoma Village Walk.
Hotels in Entebbe Uganda
Submitted by M20444
Entebbe/Lake Victoria Hotels, camps and Lodges

Windsor Lake Victoria Hotel: A colonial-style 4 star hotel with 92 rooms, mature grounds and pool.

Bulago Island Camp: A luxury camp with 4 cottages. Airfield. Swimming, horse riding, fishing are some of the activities.

Ngamba Island Camp: A mid range camp with 4 tents. Suitable for chimp viewing on Ngamba Chimp Island.

Imperial Resort Beach Hotel: Luxury, 6-star hotel with 181 rooms. Swimming pool, gym, 10 conference rooms. Near Lake Victoria with a beach ... view more area.

Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel: 4-star hotel with 121 rooms. Indoor swimming pool, gym

Entebbe Flight Motel: Low-budget motel with 60 rooms in Entebbe town.

Hotels in Kampala Uganda
Submitted by M20444
Kampala Hotels

Sheraton Hotel: Sheraton is A modern 5 star centrally located hotel with 251 rooms, health club, pool and 9 acreas of gardens.

Kampala Serena Hotel: Serena is A modern 5 star centrally located hotel with 85 rooms, health club, pool and 6 acres of gardens.

Emin Pasha: A boutique hotel in central Kampala, with 20 rooms and a pool.

Protea Hotel: A good modern 4 star hotel with 70 rooms. Located 5km from City center.

Serena Hotel: A modern 5 star hotel which opened in 2006 after complete ... view more refurbishment. With 146 rooms, health club, pool, sports and conference facilities.

Sheraton Hotel: A modern 5 star newly renovated and centrally located hotel with 251 rooms, health club, pool and gardens.

Le Bougainviller Hotel: A mid-range eco-style hotel with 20 rooms. 8km from the center.

Cassia Lodge: A mid-range eco-style hotel with 50 rooms. 8km from the center.

Hotel Africana: A Modern 4-seater 4 star hotel centrally located with 183 rooms, health club and pool. 1 km away from the City center.

Speke Hotel: A mid-range colonial-style hotel with 50 rooms in the center.

Forest Cottages :A mid-range eco-style hotel with 25 rooms. 8km from the center.

Speke and Commonwealth Resort Munyonyo: An upmarket Resort, large property on the shores of Lake Victoria. Fit for large conferences. 2500 rooms, 15 conference rooms. With gym, Olympic-size swimming pool, a horse center, marina.

Namirembe Guest House : A budget hotel with 50 rooms on Namirembe Hill overlooking the City.

Fairway Hotel: A mid-range colonial-style hotel with 70 rooms. 4km from the center.

Humura Hotel: A mid-range, family-run hotel with 20 rooms. 5km from the center.

Metropole Hotel: A mid-range colonial-style hotel with 50 rooms in the center

Money Tips Uganda and RWANDA
Submitted by M20423
Clients are advised not to carry too much money around. Our safaris are all-inclusive and except for a need to tip, buy souvenirs and a few meals in towns, there may be nothing else in relation to your safari that you need to buy. Kampala is well serviced with banks. International Banks include Stanbic, Eco Bank, Barclays, Standard Chartered, and United Bank of Africa.

The unit of currency in Uganda is the Ugandan Shilling (Ush). British Pounds Sterling, US Dollars, German Marks, Swiss Franks, French Francs, ... view more Euro, Japanese Yen, SA Rand notes are also used. The unit of currency in Rwanda is the Rwandan Franc (RWF).
Climate in Uganda and Rwanda
Submitted by M20423
Uganda and Rwanda have a tropical climate which varies according to altitude. The hottest months are from December to February during the year, and the rainy seasons are from April to May and October to November, with the wettest month being April, but it can rain at any time of the day. Despite their location the temperatures in some parts of Uganda and Rwanda can be quite cool. Other parts of Uganda are much warmer, but Rwanda experiences more cold because of its higher altitude. The best times are December-March and June-September.
Travel insurance
Submitted by M20423
Evacuation insurance Clients are also advised to purchase evacuation insurance before traveling. This covers evacuation in case of an accident, health difficulties, etc. Evacuation insurance for mountaineering in the Rwenzori is covered in this package. It is also advisable that clients purchase the necessary health insurance for themselves. The company will not be held liable for sickness of a client as a direct or indirect consequence of traveling.

Travel Insurance is also a condition of booking that all ... view more clients must have prior to their departure. Such insurance should fully cover death; personal injury; loss; accident; medical expenses; repatriation in the case of accident, illness or death; cancellation or curtailment of the tour by the company or client; and loss of, damage to, or theft of the clients’ personal property. Activities with a greater inherent risk, such as mountaineering, animal tracking, water rafting, swimming in lakes, should be covered.
Gorilla Tracking in Uganda and Rwanda
Submitted by M20423
To track gorillas each person must have the day’s gorilla permit which needs to be arranged and paid for in advance. Each gorilla park (Bwindi and Mgahinga in Uganda and Park National des Volcans [PNV] in Rwanda) has different numbers of permits per day. No person is allowed to track more than three times in three consecutive days. Permits are non-refundable except for medical reasons and a medical certificate has to be provided.

To protect gorillas from disease and to avoid problems of arduous conditions in ... view more the forests young trackers below the age of 15 and those with illnesses are not allowed to track. Flash photography is not allowed and visitors are advised to use still cameras, at a distance of at least 5 metres away from the animals. Professional filming requires extra fees to be paid.

Tracking through the thick jungle, traversing canopies of thick undergrowth can be tough, arduous and wet – the tracking can last from as little as 45 minutes to as much as 9 hours. Trackers therefore need to be well equipped with food and water, strong water-proof clothing and must be fit and healthy.

Strong, light clothes could be carried, as well as rain jackets, a torch, sunglasses, a sun hat, gloves to grip vegetation, socks. Use jungle boots, long-sleeved shirt. A walking stick may be needed. Porters can be hired to carry equipment for all trackers (fees range between $5-20 per porter per day). Part of the fees paid to the park authorities goes directly to help local communities around the Protected Area(s).

Getting round Uganda and Rwanda
Submitted by M20423
Bank hours vary from bank to bank but most are open from 08h30 - 15h00 Monday to Friday. Only some are open on Saturdays. Forex bureaus are normally open till 17:00. Most banks also have a branch at the Entebbe and Kanombe International Airport to serve incoming and outgoing passengers.

Shops are open from 08h00 to 17h00, Monday to Friday and 08h00 to 13h00 on Saturdays; some in Kampala open from 06h00 for up to 16 hours. Main roads are generally good but travel is much slower than on European roads. Secondary ... view more roads are of variable standard, often slow and bumpy; some require high four-wheel drive vehicles. Light aircraft can also be chartered to the main destinations. Traffic drives on the left side in Uganda; in Rwanda traffic drives on the right.

The major highways are two lane class 6 roads. Driving in Uganda and Rwanda is quite an experience, yet probably the best way to see the country. One however has to be cautious of Pedestrians, Cyclists, wildlife and Livestock on all roads.

Accommodation in Uganda and Rwanda
Submitted by M20423
Uganda and Rwanda have a wide range of standards when it comes to places to stay - from five star hotels and first class luxury lodges, to rustic bush camps, guesthouses and campsites. In some cases the lodges and hotels are not as luxurious as in some European countries.

In towns, accommodation ranges from 3-5 star hotels and guesthouses. Travelers must pay in US Dollars except for the smaller guesthouses where the local currency is used. Not all of the small town hotels are equipped to take travelers’ ... view more checks or credit cards so it is best you travel with some cash.
Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda
Submitted by M20423
Visas. A visa is a clearance permitting an individual to proceed to visit another country. Ugandan/Rwandan visas are issued at our Missions/Embassies abroad and also at the Entry/Exit Points such as Entebbe airport, Kanombe/Kigali airport, Busia, Malaba, Katuna, etc. Ugandan visas are required by the citizens of the European Union, the USA and Japan. Not required by nationals of many African countries, Bahamas, Seychelles, Jamaica, Mauritius, Madagascar, Italy (only Diplomatic Passports), Cyprus. Other nationals ... view more should check.

Rwandan visas are not required by nationals of many African countries, as well as nationals of Canada, Germany, South Africa, Sweden, UK and USA. Other nationals should check. A valid passport is mandatory in all cases. For a stay not exceeding 6 months, the single-entry visa fee is US$60 and US$50 for Rwanda and Uganda respectively; the multiple entry visa fees is $200 for Uganda; Rwanda does not offer a multiple-entry visa. Others who need longer periods, as well as those who require Inland transit and student visa categories should check.

Visa requirements to enter Uganda
Submitted by M19957
Visa Requirements:

1) Original Signed passport with at least 6 months remaining validity
2) Passport sized photographs
3)Yellow fever vaccination (Copy of International Certificate of vaccination for Yellow Fever)
4)Return air ticket to country of origin
5)Enough funds or ways to obtain funds

Types of Visas: Student Visa, Single Entry, Multiple Entry, Inland Transit (6 months) (1 year)

Please note that the visa processing time/period is 4 working days.

Exempt Countries:
East African citizens and ... view more Nationals of COMESA countries (Angola, Comoros, Eritrea, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius, Madagascar, Rwanda, Seychelles, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Other countries include: Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Fiji, Gambia, Grenada, Jamaica, Lesotho, Malta, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Solomon Islands.

Safety Tips and Emergency Contacts
Submitted by M19957
Uganda is a safe and peaceful country. But like in many countries, petty thuggery is occasionally reported in urban centers, especially in Kampala. You are advised therefore, not to conspicuously display valuables such as expensive jewelry, electronics, money, etc, as pocket-picketers can easily snatch them away and disappear in the crowd. In Kampala, there are certain downtown streets that are not safe so you always mention to your hotel concierge where you would like to go for advice. In case of any trouble, call ... view more the police immediately. The police emergency number is 999 for landlines and 112 for mobile phones.

The other important numbers that are 24-hours to call are as follows:
- International Air Ambulance (IAA): 031- 2200508
- AAR Health Services: 031- 2263071/2, 041- 4258527/409/564

Vaccinations/ Inoculations
Submitted by M19957
A visitor arriving from an endemic yellow fever country, a certificate for a yellow fever vaccination is required. Where visitors arrive from non-endemic areas, such certificates are rarely asked for. It is advisable to use an anti-malaria medication and bring documents for your personal medical insurance.
Submitted by M19957
Light casual clothing is recommended. Also in Uganda you would be much comfortable in decent clothing. For the Trekking of Gorillas and Chimps, a rain gear and sturdy walking boots are recommended. Do not forget a pair of gardening gloves as they are essential in the forests for pulling on nettles and vines plus a hat for sun protection. Small backpack for personal items like sunscreen, medicine, sunglasses, camera is a must companion.
Submitted by M19957
Direct flights to Entebbe are available with KLM from Amsterdam, British Airways from London and SN Brussels from Brussels. Emirates Airlines connects through Dubai, Ethiopian Airlines connect through Addis Ababa and Egypt Air has connections through Cairo. South African Airways have direct flights from Johannesburg whilst there are many connections to Entebbe through all of East Africa's capital cities. Air Uganda fly to Zanzibar, Dar Es Salaam, Kilimanjaro, Nairobi and Juba in South Sudan. Domestic flights ... view more are available to most major towns in Uganda whilst charter flights can be arranged to those national parks own their own airstrips.
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