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Uganda travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.
Uganda Tour-Gorilla Tracking
Submitted by M20040
Chances for one to see gorillas in Uganda are almost 100% depending on the family one is interested in. This is because the number of gorillas have increased and Uganda has more than half of the worlds' remaining mountain gorillas.
Uganda Culture
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Its a year of circumcision among the Bagishu people in eastern Uganda. This is the best time for one to learn more about the way of life of the Bagishu.
Uganda Tour
Submitted by M20040
The rainy season has began in Uganda. Its also the best time to take a tour to fields. You will be able to see the worlds' best organic fruits.
Submitted by M20040
All visitors holding a valid passport, return tickets, proof of accommodation, and sufficient funds are issued a 30-day tourist visa (single entry visa) on arrival at the airports and at the land borders at a fee of ... view more US$50. Uganda follows a policy of reciprocity (if your Country requires a Visa for Ugandans to enter, Uganda will impose the same). Irish Nationals do not require visa.
Uganda climate
Submitted by M20040
Uganda is on the Equator which gives it an ideal climate with little variation. Mean temperatures are between 21C and 31C all year round. There are two rainy seasons from March to May and October to November.

Travel ... view more is often slower in the rainy season and trekking more difficult. Mountainous areas tend to be much colder than the plains and receive more rain. Temperatures in mountainous areas can go down to 10°c in certain months. Lodges and other facilities are open all year round.
Submitted by M20040
Light summer cotton clothing supplemented by a sweater or jacket should be sufficient all year round for most of East Africa. In the hilly and mountainous areas, waterproof jackets or ponchos, strong waterproof walking ... view more boots and warmer fleece or heavy sweaters will be required in the evening.

Informal dressing is usual, although Africans appreciate modest dressing. Cotton slacks and flat comfortable walking shoes are recommended on safari. Don't forget to bring a hat and sun protection, along with your swimsuit. Request additional details at the time of booking for specific requirements tied to adventure or activities.

Telephone and Internet
Submitted by M20040
International telephone communication is good throughout the East African countries. There are both landlines, and competent mobile network services. Mobile service providers include: Vodafone, Orange, MTN, Zain, Warid ... view more Telecom, Safaricom and Uganda Telecom adequately servicing the areas. Local SIM cards can be purchased right from the airports or from any accessible area throughout the region. International roaming facilities are also available.

Dial up Internet services are widely available in major towns through internet cafes. In addition the mobile networks offer Internet services on special arrangements and would normally require compatible handsets. Wireless connections are also available at major hotels, and hotspots.

All our drivers/guides have cell phones and maintain contact with the Head Office throughout safaris.

Changing money from USD to shillings in Uganda
Submitted by M20425
Make sure to bring only recent US dollar notes to Uganda as forex bureau's will not accept bills older than 2002 due to fraud. Furthermore, changing 50$ bills and above will give you a better rate than changing 1$, ... view more 5$, 10$ and 20$.
Forex rates are negotiable in town so try your luck at bargaining!

Malaria-free holiday in Uganda!
Submitted by M20425
Make sure to bring a good mosquito repellent to Uganda. Wear it in the evening, as malarial mosquitoes bite after 6 pm. Make sure to sleep under a treated mosquito net, and close all windows and doors after 6 pm to avoid ... view more having malarial mosquitoes indoors.
Rainy days in Uganda
Submitted by M20425
When it rains in Uganda, it RAINS. Forget umbrellas and a rain jacket; wait out the rain like most other Ugandans. Downpours tend to be short and heavy, and since roads do not have good drainage systems, many roads tend ... view more to flood. Sewage often comes up, causing health hazards. Furthermore, as there are many uncovered manholes, there is also a danger of falling into one when they are flooded by muddy waters! Find a cozy restaurant and order a cup of "African tea" (milky, chai spiced tea), sit back, and read the paper while you wait for the sun to come back.
Where to stay in Bwind
Submitted by M20443
- Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Hotels, camps and Lodges
- Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge: Situated overlooking the forest. 8 bandas.
- Gorilla Forest Camp: Modern luxury Tented Camp with flash toilets, solar power. 8 ... view more tents. Within the park.
- Buhoma Homestead: Upmarket Lodge with about 8 rooms. Flash toilets and solar power.
- Bwindi Engagi Lodge: Upmarket Lodge with 8 tents. 5 minutes drive from the park gate.
- Bwindi Gorilla Resort: Mid-range tented camp with 8 tents.
- Bwindi Community Camp: Basic 8-room camp run by the community in Bwindi. Also offers the Buhoma Village Walk.

Flight information to East Africa
Submitted by M20443
There are daily flights to Entebbe (Uganda) and Kigali (Rwanda) out of Nairobi with Kenya Airways and Rwandair Express. Clients can make their own arrangements to arrive in Entebbe or Kigali on the day of, or the day ... view more before, their safari starts. SN Brussels flies to Entebbe and Kigali, from Brussels. South African Airways flies to Entebbe and Nairobi regularly. Ethiopian Airlines flies from London/Rome/Milan via Addis to Entebbe and Kigali. KLM flies to Entebbe direct from Amsterdam. Emirates Air flies from New York to Entebbe and Nairobi via Dubai. Egypt Air flies from Rome/Milan via Cairo to Entebbe. Rwandair has daily connections between Kigali and Entebbe, Kigali and Nairobi and Kigali and Kilimanjaro (Near Arusha in Tanzania). From other African countries, countries can fly to Nairobi using Kenya Airways, SA or Ethiopian Airlines and get a connecting flight to Ebb/Kgl.

From Europe the easiest way to get to Entebbe (for Kampala in Uganda) directly from London is with British Airways. Kenya Airways and British Airways have daily connections between London and Nairobi from where you can connect to Entebbe or Kigali with Kenya Airways or other airlines.

From the USA, clients need to fly to London, Brussels or Amsterdam and then get connecting flights to Kigali and Entebbe. Alternatively clients can fly from New York, Washington DC or Atlanta to Johannesburg with South African Airways and then take a connecting flight. Contact your travel agent for reservations.

Insurance advice to East Africa
Submitted by M20443
We strongly advise that you obtain comprehensive travel and medical insurance before traveling. You should check any exclusions, and that your policy covers you for the activities you want to undertake.

Please note ... view more the following:

1. We ask all our clients to have adequate personal travel insurance to cover them in an event of accident, sickness, and other unforeseen circumstances that could affect the clients in due course of their travel with us.

2. Evacuation insurance: We provide, on a complementary basis, evacuation insurance for clients in an emergency within Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and Burundi only.

3. Bonding Insurance: International Clients who do a safari with Pinnacle Africa Safaris in Africa but are booked through Tour Operators or Travel Agents should check about the relevant bonding arrangements by that company for their travel. International Clients who book a safari directly with our UK agents should be fully protected by Bond Plus Insurance, as required by the European Union Directive on Package holidays.

4. Rwenzori Mountain Climbing Insurance: We provide, on a complementary basis, some cover for climbers to the Rwenzori mountains.

Submitted by M20443

Uganda and Rwanda have a wide range of standards when it comes to places to stay - from five star hotels and first class luxury lodges, to rustic bush camps, guesthouses and campsites. In some cases the ... view more lodges and hotels are not as luxurious as in some European countries. In towns, accommodation ranges from 3-5 star hotels and guesthouses. Upcountry it is of varying standard, often with no running water and electricity. Travelers must pay in US Dollars except for the smaller guesthouses where the local Ugandan Shilling and Rwandan Franc or Burundian Francs must be payable. Not all of the small town hotels are equipped to take travelers checks or credit cards so it is best you travel with some cash. Some extras will be added onto your bill, especially in Kampala, Kigali, Bujumbura, Jinja, Entebbe and in parks – 2-10% service charge and 18% VAT (2006). For those who buy a full safari from us, most of these are covered in the safari cost.
Weather and climate
Submitted by M20443

The larger part of our countries of operation have a tropical climate which varies according to altitude. During the year the hottest months are from December to February when the temperature reaches 29 ... view more degrees Celsius. The rainy seasons are from April to May and October to November, with the wettest month being April, but it can rain at any time of the day, especially in forest ecosystems.

Despite their location to the equator temperatures in some parts of the Uganda and Rwanda can be quite cool owing to the countries’ high altitude. The mountain areas become much cooler and the top of Mount Elgon and the Rwenzoris are often covered with snow. Other parts of Uganda are much warmer, but Rwanda experiences more cold because of its higher altitude. There is heavy rain between March and May and between October and November. The best times are December-March and June-September. It can be somewhat rainy then, but not as rainy as in the rainy season, March-June. December-February and June-July are the driest times, when things can even be dusty.

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