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Zimbabwe Travel Tips

Zimbabwe travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.

Submitted by M20351
Now you do not need any one to tell you which side of the falls is better. You can now visit both sides of the falls without paying an extra amount for visa. With the introduction of uni visa between Zambia and Zimbabwe please make sure you buy this visa upon entry into any one of the two countries so that you do not pay anything extra to visit the other.
Excursion Destinations
Submitted by M20531
All Excursions fall into 2 categories - Touring Excursions and Project Excursions. You will go to 4 Touring Destinations and a minimum of 4 (more typically 6) Project Destinations during the course of the Tour. A brief description :-

- Nyanga Described as the Scottish Highlands of Zimbabwe, you will have a chance to fish for trout, play golf, swim in a mountain stream, or just have cream teas.
- Vumba You will visit Leopard Rock with an excellent golf course, and a Plains Game Park where you can walk ... view more with buck and giraffe
- Hot Springs With natural hot springs feeding a swimming pool. Picnic.
- Imire Game Sanctuary, where you are guaranteed to see Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Lion and all the Plains Game

Project Destinations
- Chengetai Home for Mentally Retarded Children
- Simukai Street Children Project which takes in children off the city streets
- Nzeve Home for the Deaf
- St Augustines Orphanage and Hospital
- Old Mutare Hospital
- Fair field Orphanage
- Windows of Hope Orphan Program which places Orphans with "Mothers"
- Sport for Socialization Trust which uses sport rehabilitate children with disabilities

Communications with home
Submitted by M20531
During the entire course of the trip, you will be able to communicate Home:
- Cellphone. The Group will be given a Cellphone on the first Evening. The number of this phone will have been communicated to the Group Leader on receipt of your Deposit. You will be able to phone or text to any International Subscriber daily. Phone Cards and phone usage will be to your own account.
- Internet. La Rochelle has Wi-Fi and broadband. There is a cost-recovery charge of $2 per day for this service per machine. You are welcome ... view more to bring your own laptop.
- Postcards. Not such an efficient system, and you will generally beat any card you send home by a couple of months. But they will get there!!

Money Matters
Submitted by M20531
The following relate specifically to the Zimbabwean Mercy Tour :- Payments. There is no payment requested on Reservation. We would require a Deposit of 50% of your Group Tour Fee to be paid 6 weeks in advance by Bank Transfer into an International Bank - details will be sent on Reservation. This is a non-refundable deposit, and will be used to secure Services prior to your arrival, such as Bronte Hotel, Imire Game Park, Bus Hire, and La Rochelle Hotel. We appreciate that African situations can change fairly ... view more rapidly, and should there be an Election called, or Civil unrest, we will move your Booking to a mutually Agreeable date.
- Balance Payment. We would request the 50% Balance to be either Paid prior to Arrival into a nominated bank account or brought in Cash, which will be collected on your first evening Meeting.
- Spending Cash. Please see Tour Content - but you should not need excessive Cash for the rest of your trip. Please note that very few Zimbabwean Operations accept Credit Cards, and there are currently no International ATM machines.
- Your Donation, which is included in the tour Price, will be refunded to you in Cash on the 8th Day of the tour for you to present.

Donations - Guidelines
Submitted by M20531
- Dignity. As with all Donations and Assistance, emphasis will be on retaining the dignity of those being helped. For this reason, there will not be any "Ceremony" involved with the handing over of Donations - though you are welcome to present the Donation either by Individual, or as a Group. Further, we will always seek permission for photographs to be taken from a Project Representative - and under NO circumstances may photographs be used for commercial reproduction.

Options for further Charity do ... view more exist. The Group, or Individuals in the Group, may decide to:
a) Increase or augment the donation amount
b) Adopt a specific child for donation for a specific purpose over a specified time - such as school fees
c) Adopt a specific Project, or Group of Children, for further Donation over a protracted period of time
c) The Group may decide to provide further material assistance such as blankets etc
- In the case of a) above - the Group will simply make the donation
- In the case of b) and c) - we will put you in touch with a Project Representative to make arrangements
- In the case of d) above, La Rochelle Hotel will undertake to assist with obtaining materials on your behalf - but only on one occasion.

What to bring
Submitted by M20531
- Clothing. The weather in Zimbabwe can be variable. As you will go to Nyanga, we would suggest a warm, light-weight jacket. Throughout the year a sun hat is necessary. For the most part, sandals are sufficient, but hiking boots will be useful. We will suggest clothing on reservation.

- Sun Creams can be hard to find, and we suggest you bring a few tubes
- Toilet Paper. We have been informed by previous Guests that what we happily use as toilet paper is sold as "fine sandpaper" in the shops in Europe, ... view more Australia and America! You may wish to bring a couple of rolls - or just grin and bear (bare?) it!!!
- Gifts. Especially at the Orphanages, Schools and Hospitals, a bag of cheap sweets (candy) to share with the children will be useful.

Medical & Health
Submitted by M20531
- Malaria. While Malaria occurs in Zimbabwe, it is not prevalent in the areas you will visit on the Zimbabwean Mercy Tour. If, however, you intend extending your trip to take in Victoria Falls, we recommend you see your Local Health Authority and obtain a course of prophylactics. You may be barred from donating blood for a year after your return.
- Medicines. If you are on a course of prescribed medicine - you should bring a supply for the entire duration of your visit
- First Aid. Most Groups bring their own ... view more First Aid Kit on tour. There will be a Kit in the bus fir minor cuts, headaches, Eye, Nose, Throat, Over-the-counter creams and drops.
- Food. Whilst the greatest care is taken with the preparation of your food, it is not as processed as the food in Western Countries. It is advisable to bring a Pepto-Bismol type stomach medicine.
- Water. The Hotel has a borehole which provides pure water. Bottled water will still be available through your trip if required.
- Emergency. There are hospitals in both Mutare and Harare which are capable of handling any major trauma ro emergency, such as appendix.

An Eating Experience in Victoria Falls
Submitted by M18304
No visit to Victoria Falls would be complete without dinner at the Boma Restaurant. This unique venue is more a total African experience than just a meal. On arrival you put on a gaily colored cloth, then sample traditional African beer.

The groaning buffet tables feature freshly grilled meats including exotic meats native to Africa, such as warthog, buffalo, and various types of antelope. There are also pots of hunter's stew and the like. A specialty is mopani worms - not for the fainthearted!

The ... view more evening includes vibrant singing and dancing and after dinner all the guest get to join in with the drumming. All in all it's a great night out and lots of fun. Cost is USD40 per person at the moment, and the dinner can be booked through your hotel, who will also arrange transport your transport.