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Expeditions in Cappadocia with Route of Dervishes and Missionary Trips - Istanbul, 15 Days

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 8 - 15 day(s)
Group Size: 2 - 12 people
Destination(s): Turkey  
Specialty Categories: Hiking & Trekking   Archeology/History  
Season: January - December
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 850 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 990 US Dollar (USD)

Mesopotamia is between the rivers Tigris and the Euphrates, the coffer of Noah in Ararat, the Trojan horse in the borders of the Aegean Sea, the civilization of the hitites in the heart of the Halys river, the temple of Artemis or the mausoleum of Halicarnasus that are two wonders of the world. King Midas turned everything into gold, Thet Alexander Great and Saint Paul are the most famous travellers and the virgin Mar completed her trip in Éphesus. Hagia Sophía, Byzantine, the eternal residence of sultans Ottoman; it is the Topkapi palace. The gardens of Tulips, the Turkish bath, the turquoise water beaches, the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, the Bosphorus and Istanbul, the modern country of the Ataturk. Anatolia; it is the cradle of the civilizations and bridge between Asia and Europe.

The fantastic landscapes of the region of Turkey that formerly was called Cappadocia are the result of a orogenic whim, in which it has taken divides the powerful action of volcanos, rain and the time. The volcanic sediments that conform the crust of the ground of Cappadocia have undergone during eras the ferocious erosion of the climatic elements of the plateau anatolia, little by little creating an unreal scenery populated with formation stony improbable, own of the world of the dreams that of the real one. As well, the men have taken part to torment still more these landscapes, drilling their entrails to carve churches and monasteries, pestering the rock walls and grounds to construct to labyrinth underground cities. The rock architecture reaches in the Cappadocia its apotheosis.

Old capital of three successive empires - Roman, Byzantin, Ottoman, Istanbul is the economic center of the Republic of Turkey. A continuous parade of oil tankers and merchant boats crosses to newspaper waters of the Bosphorus. It is in fact, the variety of Istanbul which fascinates its visitors: the museums, churches, palaces, great mosques, bazaars and the views of natural beauty seem inexhaustible.

Two thousand years ago, missioners like muslim dervishes, Saint Paul used some routes in Cappadocia. Following the routes as they used to visit the ruins like monastery, rock-cut churches , convents of dervishes. Dervishes had come to Anatolia by emigration and they had settled between valleys. The isolated places became to centers of culture and education with constructions like monasteries and convents.

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Istanbul - Kayseri (Capadocia): Flight with destiny via Istanbul to Kayseri airport. Transfer to hotel. Overnight in Cappadocia.

Day 2: Capadocia Ihlara (Ihlara canyon). After the breakfast. Drive to Ozluce cities underground city of Ozluce (Zeylia). Ozluce underground city was used by christians as refuge to save of the persecution. Arrival to the nomadic town Ihlara, Transport 1,5-2-h. Canyon constituted by breaks and collapses come out with getting cold of lavas that contains dense basalt and andesite substances and run over from Hasandai mountain. On that split area an Melendiz brook find way to flow and give today's shape to canyon, that brook was named in early ages 'Potamus Kapadukus" which means river of Capadocia. Valley lies 14 kilometre long.starts from Ihlara, come to an end at Selime. Valley's hight reach to 100 - 150 meters at some places. Across the valley there are innumerable shelters, tombs and churches that all engraved into rocks present. Some of the shelters and church's are related each other with tunnels that similar to underground city. Overnight in Ihlara. (daily excursion 6-7h). Lunch in a local restaurant (not include).

Day 3: Cappadocia-Ihlara/ Mountain of Hasan (3268 m). After breakfast, march to climb mountain. The height of mt Hasan is west peak 3268 m - and 10722 ft, and east peak 3040 m - 9974 ft. Mt Hasan was an active volcano between the 10 and 2 million years ago. It contributed to the formation of the Cappadocia. It is located in central anatolia daily trek 6-7h Overnight in Ihlara.

Day 4: Cappadocia/ Narli Gol (Crater Lake). After breakfast, drive(10km) to village of Sivrihisar , visit kizil (red) church. Arrive to Narligöl, due to the existence of hot springs plans are being made to develop this as a geothermal area. Its color is azure. It is possible to swim in the lake. Encampment near lake. (daily excursion 4-5h).

Day 5: Cappadocia/ Mountain of Boyali and Yesiloz (Tagar). After breakfast drive through the Boyali for mountain of Topuz (top of Boyali 1600 m) and arrive to village queen Theodora (ancient village of Yesiloz -Tagar) and visit church of Theodora. Church of Tagar(church of St. Theodora-Urgup). This church located in Yesilöz It is on the way from Urgup to Kayseri 16.5 kilometers far from city center Urgup. This church is the unique example of Cappadocia with its upper stairs to gallery.I t was built for Theodora. Encampment near Tagar (daily trek5-6 h.).

Day 6: Cappadocia/ Mountain Topuz, Pasada Keslik Monastery. After breakfast pass from mountain of Topuz , by seeing the panaroma of Cappadocia arrive to Keslik Monastery. It is located in valley and in the garden. These are rock cut churches. The camp is inside the beautiful garden and nature. Encampment near the Keslik monastery.(daily trek 5-6 h.).

Day 7: Cappadocia/ Keslik Monastery, Love Mountain, Nomad Valley. After breakfast arrive to the nomad valley . Pass through the Ayvali valley and, trek through the nomad valley. Possibility to see marvelous nature and communicate with nomads. Camp in nomads valley.(daily trek 5-6 h.).

Day 8: Capadocia/ Bahceli Valley (Mimoza),Valley of Gomeda and Ruins of Gomeda. After breakfast trek through the valley of Bahceli pass through the natural rock tunels. Arrive to valley of Gomeda by seeing ruins of Gomeda. Encampment between the ruins of Gomeda.( daily trek 5-6 h.).

Day 9: Cappadocia/ Valley of Uzengi, Churches of Pancarlik, Dove Cotes, Fortress of Ortahisar, Valley of Ortahisar. After breakfast march to valley of Uzengi by seeing churches and dove- cotes of Pancarlik arrive valley of Ortahisar.climb to fortress of Ortahisar possibility to see all Capadocia. Overnight in hotel.(daily trek 5-6 h).

Day 10: Cappadocia/ Red Valley, Valley of Goreme, Fairy Chimneys Pasabag. After breakfast march for Red valley .It is possible to see different colors in Red valley. walk through the Goreme valley and Pasabaglari and then arrive to Red valley. Encampment in the garden of Ayvali church in Red valley. (daily trek 5-6 h.).

Day 11: Cappadocia/ Aavanos, Pottery Center: After breakfast drive to Avanos. Visit to pottery gallery and then walk through the Red River (Halys River) the longest river originating and ending within the borders of Turkey: 1335km. Encampment inside the Red River valley near Red river.(daily trek 5-6 h.).

Day 12: Cappadocia/ Istanbul. After breakfast transfer to airport for Istanbul flight Overnight in Istanbul. BB Includes: (B).

Day 13: Istanbul: Free day BB. Includes: (B).

Day 14: Istanbul: Free day BB. Includes: (B).

Day 15: Istanbul: Transfer to airport.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Price Includes:
- Hotels in Cappadocia HB
- House of Ulas: In Cappadocia BB
- Transportation:
* All transfers with private Mercedes, VWVolt, A/C
* All transfers from airport to hotel or from hotel to airport
- Multilingual Guides.

Price Excludes:
- Guide in Istanbul
- Lunches and dinners
- Transportation at 10-11th days in Istanbul
- Flights and entrance of museums.

- Groups for 4-5 people: 10 % discount
- For 6-7 people: 13 % discount
- For 8 and above people 16 % discount.