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Heartbeat of the Red Earth - Native American History, Culture and Powwow
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Heartbeat of the Red Earth - Native American History, Culture and Powwow

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 8 - 10 day(s)
Group Size: 1 - 8 people
Destination(s): Oklahoma   Kansas  
Specialty Categories: Native Americans   Archeology/History  
Season: June
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: No
Minimum Per Person Price: 2995 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 3495 US Dollar (USD)

Culminating with the spectacular Red Earth Powwow and Native Arts celebration in Oklahoma City, Heartbeat of the Earth is an exploration into Cheyenne and Arapaho history and culture that is entwined within the red earth of what was once 'Indian Territory'.

Join us on this journey back in time to the ‘free’ days for the Cheyenne. Our trail through their traditional Heartland follows the lives of iconic Native figures on the Plains, tracing events and their era through the experiences of the Old Ones. The Kiowa, Comanche and Cheyenne remain great warrior artists, and we view contemporary and historic art during our experience at Red Earth in Oklahoma amid expressive modern Native America; dance, music, fine art, jewelry, sculpture, writings… a celebration of the cultural survival of the people.

Stone Calf; Little Robe; Yellow Nose; George Bent; Red Plume; White Shield, Whirlwind… each of these illustrious men achieved storied status throughout Native America and their deeds reverberate to this day across the Great Plains. We follow the stories; visit their lands and even enter their home sites from the bygone days.

Renowned for their horsemanship, warrior skills and true tribal democracy, the Comanche Nation rode proud and free until the coming of the treaty of the Medicine Lodge, the Jerome Agreement and the Oklahoma land openings. We visit the Comanche Nation, and the home of their great leader Quanah Parker who refused the Medicine Lodge treaty terms and resisted the advance of white culture. We experience the sacred Paint Rock, the backbone of the Comanche world, where the sacred is reflected in images.

At Fort Sill which became the most significant post in the region we explore the life of Satanta in the company of his descendents, then travel to stand before the Wichita Mountains - the Holy Place for the Kiowa; much cherished by Satanta

The Dog Soldiers were in the vanguard of Cheyenne resistance and we hear of their prodigious and stoic bravery during our time at Roman Nose State Park; named for the one man more than any other associated with the Dog Soldiers. Roman Nose was possibly the greatest and most influential warrior of any Plains Indian nation and was a headsman of the Cheyenne Elk Horn Scrapers while his closest friends were prominent leaders amongst the Dog Soldiers.

The Cheyenne’s called it ‘Lodgepole River’, but as the sun rose to the sound of gunfire converging on a surrounded village of sleeping Cheyennes, this site entered the annals of history on that fateful morning as ‘The Washita!’ We visit significant locations around the Washita Battlefield site to gain an insight into how the attack and fight unfolded, also discussing the dynamics within the Cheyenne Nation.

Excitement and the Heartbeat of the Nations awaits us at Red Earth; a celebration of the richness and diversity of Native American heritage where we enjoy the work of some of the nation’s most celebrated artists and the distinctive tribal regalia, originality and skills of elite powwow dancers in one of the most prestigious of all native dance competitions. We witness as the streets of downtown Oklahoma vibrate with indigenous spirit as representatives from more than 100 tribes, in full traditional dress, make the Red Earth Parade one of America’s most unique.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

The tour cost includes transfers, all transport on the tour, all accommodations, escort tour guide - international writier and photographer.

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