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Personal Mythology in Greece Visual Journals with Juliana Coles

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 10 day(s)
Group Size: 5 - 16 people
Destination(s): Greece  
Specialty Categories: Pilgrimage/Spirituality   Crafts Tours  
Season: September
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: No
Minimum Per Person Price: 5250 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 6450 US Dollar (USD)

Rewriting the Myth of Ourselves, an Intensive with Juliana Coles.

In this exciting 10-day mixed-media visual journal workshop, explore your inner mythology while traveling to Athens, the Acropolis, Mykonos, Delos, and the Temple of Poseidon. Create a personal mythology in the land of the ancients. In the company of other seekers, learn to combine journal writing with imagery in a visual travelogue. Mixed media, art journals, visual journals, Extreme Visual Journalling, paper arts, book arts, writing, travelogues, and more.

No prior art, writing, or travel experience is required. However, due to the serious inner work we will be excavating, a certain amount of self awareness and openness is requested.

Dear Fellow Travelers:

Please join Lou Ann, our inspiring Pathfinder, and I, Juliana Coles, your guide to the underworld of self expression and destiny unknown, as we return to an ancient land, the cradle of Western Civilization. We seek to uncover among the ruins of the past, and rewrite, a personal mythology. Learn to develop a meaningful encounter with the self by combining a travel journal with a visual journal to excavate the authentic self from her safe hiding place deep below the surface. In the company of other seekers, gods and goddesses, heroes and monsters, explore classical ruins, enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, hear foreign tongues, gaze out onto a tideless blue green sea, and feel the presence and whispers of distant travelers, artists, poets, and chroniclers who have passed this way long ago. The true story is within, begin it now.

The ancient Greeks declared, it is our duty to ask questions. This is the true journey of the Visual Journalist: to explore our deep interior by asking questions of our ancient and wise self through words, signs, and symbols. Greece, where everything is infused with art, is a timeless land of poetry and poets. Life pulsates on cobblestone streets, the ancient Agora, the activity and bustle of the Plaka, the white marble of the Parthenon, in the voices of her people, in the heart of her Greek salads and fresh seafood, in the beauty of statues, smooth columns, even in the ground as you walk the deserted isle of Delos. And while the Greeks openly admit they no longer believe in gods and goddesses, it is clear, the gods and goddesses are everywhere. You will not have to look far: they will find you. They will urge you to ask the right questions. They will be clear about the answers. Believe me: I was there. I know this to be true.

What myth are you living by?

The only thing that holds you back is an old story. It’s just a story. You can rewrite it. I offer you the tools. Greece offers you a land of inspiration and potential. The journey within begins with a journey outside ourselves. We must travel far to expand and challenge the parameters of our existence. Is something missing in your life? Want to find yourself? Want to know what your real story is and why you are living this false myth? The answer will find you in Greece. You will never be the same. You will be forever changed. You will rewrite the story of your life, and you will live again.

Welcome, Inner and Distant Travelers:

Imagine this: you have just arrived in Athens. Tired, but thoroughly excited, you ride the elevator to the rooftop restaurant for our reception. The night is warm, it smells of Homer’s wine dark sea, and just over your shoulder- turn to look - is the magnificent acropolis! The sky glows as the sun sets behind the Parthenon. It is more breathtaking than you pictured. Are you really here, you ask? Yes, you have just begun the journey of a lifetime. This is an experience that lasts forever. It is truly unforgettable. Anything is possible as we begin, right here, right now, our first journaling assignment! We can hear the ancient whispering all ready, there is no time to waste in this timeless place. These voices direct our pens to speak on our pages. It is a magical evening, and we have only just begun.

Travel with us as we spend our days Chronicling our voyage in a "Visual Travelogue" while relaxing at the Kouros, a hillside hotel on the whitewashed and blue trimmed island of Mykonos. When you pictured this journey in your heart, this is the hotel you envisioned. We spend our days in the studio learning to tell our stories in a visual journal through words and mixed media as I teach you everything you need to know about this transformational process. There will be time for exploring the lovely town with its mazelike streets, incredible restaurants, tavernas, and exciting nightlife. You will be able to discover wonderful museums and churches as well as nude beaches and shopping, if you desire, but most of our time will be dedicated to this inner journey, the most important journey of all. We will also journal on site at the ruins on the island of Delos, the place of answers, before closing our journey with a sunset at Cape Sounion, the temple of Poseidon.

This exciting workshop is led by Juliana Coles, award-winning artist and developer of Expressive Visual Journaling. Our remarkable voyage is planned by World Traveler Lou Ann Granger of Echoes des Voyages. Please visit us for more information regarding this inspiring team that unites creative expression with sacred travel for inner dialogue, transformation, and healing! Every trip is a once in a lifetime journey that can never be duplicated, no matter how many times we return.

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: We arrive in Athens where we are met on arrival at the airport, and whisked away to the 5-star Electra Palace Hotel. Stepping inside to its spacious luxury lobby, we can catch our breath while we ponder our next move. We are finally here! We are central to the Plaka, and can immediately step outside and start wandering it's narrow streets, looking for food or drink or souvenirs or just to be part of the energy and excitement that is Athens. Or stay within the beautiful hotel, and chill out by the rooftop swimming pool with its beautiful view of the Acropolis. Tonight there is a welcome cocktail at the rooftop cocktail bar, and we have a chance to meet our fellow distant travelers. Time to share our adventures and celebrate our arrival. We'll show our journal or journals that we have chosen for this journey and receive our Handbook for on the spot documentation in a Visual Travelogue.

Day 2: This morning we have a private guided walking tour of the Acropolis. This gives us a special opportunity to ask the questions we have brought with us, to learn about the gods and goddesses of the place, and its history. In our small group, we have a chance to focus on whatever we find of interest, the Parthenon, the Caryatides, the temple of Nike Athena, Mars Hill, and so much more we may discover during our visit. Temples, and statues, and amphitheaters and a view of Athens beneath us and stretching out to the Aegean Sea. In the afternoon, there is time to spend on our own. There is lots to see in the Plaka, or perhaps the New Acropolis Museum will be opened by now, or even a visit to the National Archaeological Museum. This evening, there is time for a visual journaling session, and time to start sharing our discoveries with each other.

Day 3: An early ferry from Piraeus to Mykonos, with one or two stops at other scenic islands along the way, arriving around noon. Check-in to our special rooms (each with ocean view) at the beautiful hillside Kouros Hotel, a short walking distance to the town of Mykonos, and with a gorgeous view overlooking the Aegean Sea, site of some of the most spectacular sunsets in the Mediterranean. This is one of our favorite hotels in the whole world, and we are so glad to share it with others. In this unique hotel, we have a quiet setting for our special retreat, yet within sight of the town and the busy ports, the perfect place to create our personal mythology. Beautiful architecture, wonderful surroundings, friendly staff, a beautiful swimming pool, and lots of nooks and crannies and places to go off to while contemplating the mysteries.

Days 4 - 9: Six full days based in Mykonos, a gorgeous island with whitewashed Cycladic houses, a town with many shops along narrow winding streets, fabulous churches, a harbor with colorful fishing boats, seaside restaurants, windmills, and close to many beautiful beaches. In this wonderful setting, we will have several intensive visual journaling sessions and allow ourselves to soak in the unique Greek island atmosphere.

We will have a private studio space available to us during our stay, secure and accessible for extended hours. In this wonderful space, we can spread out our supplies and dive into our guided Visual Journalling sessions with Juliana Coles. This is our sanctuary, and a safe place where we can unfold our myths in privacy and safety, and uncover the many layers of ourselves.

During our six days in Mykonos, there may also be sessions held in some of the other wonderful indoor and outdoor spaces in the hotel, perhaps poolside, or on one of the terraces with a view of the Aegean.

We will visit the nearby archaeological island of Delos, the birthplace of Greek God Apollo and his twin sister, the Goddess Artemis. This was the center of power of the Greek world for many centuries, and there will be time to see the ruins, visit the museum, or perhaps climb to the top of Mt Kynthos, the high hill overlooking the island, and from which we can view the many surrounding islands of the Cyclades.

Delos is special, a place to return to over and over. A sacred place, even now. Ruins, and columns, and the Lions of Naxos, and statues, and mosaics, and an amphitheatre, and inscriptions, and ancient harbors, and twisting paths. Of all the many archaeological sites in Greece, this is perhaps the place where one can most feel the spirits of the many pilgrims who visited over the centuries. Even today, nobody is allowed to stay on the island overnight, and the place remains a special sanctuary.

There will be some time on our own in Mykonos, to sit and dream or explore some of its famous beaches or windmills or monasteries (or perchance to shop). Some of us have rented cars or taken buses to explore the island. It is welcoming and easy, and we feel more adventurous as we spend a few days here. We find some wonderful restaurants in the town that we can recommend, and we share them with our new friends and fellow distant travelers. Special shops with souvenirs and tokens and talismans. Books, postcards, pictures, papers, tickets, stamps, newspapers. Of course, as visual journalists, we have lots of ability to view ordinary things in a special light, and so many things might find a place in our journals. We will have fun sifting through the many intriguing objects and collectibles to find those unique ones that will help us tell our own story and myth.

In the town, there is plenty of excitement and energy during the day and well into the evening. There are crowds of people from all over the world, and many many narrow streets to explore with shops and boutiques and art galleries and restaurants and tavernas. When it is time to settle down for quiet contemplation, then we can go back the short distance to the Hotel Kouros, and spend some time to contemplate and absorb our surroundings. And to happily pour out our treasures from our explorations and our shopping, and recollect the adventures of the day.

Day 10: - An early ferry from Mykonos to the mainland port of Rafina, where we will take a motorcoach for a drive to back to the Electra Palace in Athens. We check into our hotel, and then conclude with a special sunset trip with private guide to Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon. This temple is on a promontory overlooking the Aegean Sea and has some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. This is the temple we have all imagined these many years when we thought of Greece. This is the perfect place to say goodbye to Greece. As the sun sets, and evening falls, we have one last chance to hear stories and myths about gods and goddesses and mortals in the very place where they occurred.

We conclude with a Farewell Dinner at the Electra Palace rooftop restaurant. With the backdrop of the lighted Acropolis, we have a final chance to share with each other some of our discoveries from this exciting journey. It is time to collect our treasures, share hugs and exchange addresses and emails, take some final pictures, and prepare for our journey homewards. We have been forever changed.

Day 11: Checkout from hotel, and departures back to the US or individual onward touring within Greece.

If you would like to arrange individual onward travel within Greece, we have an excellent travel agent, and will put you in contact to help you with those arrangements. Lots of great islands to explore, and other sights to see.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Price Includes:
- 5 full-day sessions plus other sessions Visual Journaling workshop taught by Juliana Coles
- 10 nights single or double occupancy luxury hotel accommodations (2 nights at Electra Palace in Athens, 7 nights at Kouros Hotel on Mykonos, 1 night at Electra Palace at conclusion of trip)
- Breakfast each day, welcome cocktail party, farewell dinner
- Arrival transfer from airport to Electra Palace Hotel in Athens.
- Transportation within Greece as per itinerary (ferries, transfers, etc.)
- Private sightseeing tours and admissions to: Acropolis, Delos, Cape Sounion
- Exclusive 70-page workshop booklets created by Juliana Coles

Price Excludes: Airfare to/from Athens