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Elements of Ashtanga Practice

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 7 day(s)
Group Size: 2 - 16 people
Destination(s): Mexico  
Specialty Categories: Yoga & Spiritual Experience  
Season: November
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: No
Minimum Per Person Price: 2040 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 2825 US Dollar (USD)

Discover how to draw from the primary elements (water, fire, earth, air and ether) and enhance your yoga practice. At this year’s annual trip to the Yucatan peninsula, we’ll explore the roles the primary elements play in our yoga practice and explore their interconnectedness to the magnificent nature that surrounds us in Maya Tulum.

Water – change. Vinyasa, the flow of Ashtanga, guides you from posture to posture seamlessly. This unceasingly changing practice builds stamina, flexibility and demands focus – the tools needed to cope with the impermanence of life. Surrounded by the gently lapping turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, we are brought closer to the fluidity of nature – strengthening your body and nurturing your spirit.

Fire – purification. The practice of Ashtanga yoga creates a deep internal heat which detoxifies, improves digestion and purifies the body and mind. The natural heat of the tropics along with our mid-week Sweat-Lodge accelerates this cleansing process – forging a new you.

Earth – stability. Regular practice of Ashtanga creates incredible core strength through the development and mastery of mula bandha. Just as the rich fertile Mayan soil gave birth to a powerful civilization, rich in history and culture, mula bandha brings both inner and outer power and stability –– a strong foundation from which to grow.

Air – life force. Breath is the heart-beat of Ashtanga. Udjayii’s audible breath brings rhythm and pace to the practice and creates a meditative state within. The fresh cool sea breezes that surround us ensure that you inhale fresh, clean air, loaded with healthy negative ions in each breath – improving health and increasing longevity.

Ether – illumination. Every ashtanga practice begins with sun-salutes, honoring the life giving and life supporting energy of the sun. Suryanamaskar awakens the body from its deep sleep and prepares it for the practice ahead. In Maya Tulum we are greeted each morning with a glorious sunrise, followed by a day filled with light and warmth – lifting your heart and awakening your spirit.

You will leave this retreat refreshed and revitalized and with not just a tool-kit, but the knowledge and confidence to integrate the practice in a way that brings more fulfillment in your life. This retreat is for beginning through intermediate students who are searching for an intelligent, progressive, well-planned schedule to achieve optimum results. Each day you'll have four classes or more to choose from and indulge in: Pranayama (breathing techniques), Foundation (alignment details), Elements of Ashtanga Intensive (for intermediate students), and Restorative Yoga.

Maya Tulum is located on the Caribbean seashore of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, one and a half hours south of Cancun. Walk along miles of unspoiled white-sand beaches. Explore ancient Mayan cities, visit a nearby cenote (fresh water jungle pool), or relax under a palm tree. Swim, snorkel and scuba dive in the crystal clear, turquoise colored warm Caribbean Sea. Maya Tulum also offers a stunning yoga studio built in the traditional Mayan palapa style (its round!) with views of the sea and the rhythm of the waves. Along with yoga and exploration, Maya Tulum offers a variety of massages and facials to relax and rejuvenate your body and soul.

Daily Yoga Schedule:
- 7:00 – 7:50 Awakening the Lifeforce, where there is breath there is life. Learn pranayama (breathing techniques), kriyas (cleansing exercises) and Corework (abdominal strengtheners). The increased vitality, energy, and strength experienced in this class will be carried out throughout the day with each class strongly emphasizing the breath.

- 8:00 - 9:00 Foundation – a yoga techniques class. An excellent introduction to building a strong, safe, and healthy yoga practice. Ideal for those who are new to yoga - or if a one-hour class works best for you.

- 11:30 – 1:15 Elements of Ashtanga Intensive This dynamic Ashtanga-based practice will be for Intermediate students. You do not need to be a student of Ashtanga to appreciate this powerful practice, but you will need the stamina and focus that only comes with steady practice of at least 18 months – 2 years.

The first hour we'll be moving consistently with sun salutations and a flowing sequence of standing postures. The second half of class will be in a workshop format, with a different in-depth focus each day (hips, hamstrings, backbends, etc.) – leaving you feeling alive and re-energized by incorporating our theme "the Elements" into your daily practice. Dana's impeccable timing, personal attention, and passionate teaching style will inspire you. The Wednesday class will be Mysore-style (self practice) with personal assistance in the form of adjustments, prep-poses and new postures.

- 5:00 - 6:15 Restore and Explore Designed to balance, stretch, and relax your body, rejuvenate your spirit and bring peace of mind. Also included is an introduction to meditation as the sun sets. The perfect way to complete the day.

Additional Activities. Along with yoga, we will offer an evening lecture and also include a traditional Mayan sweat lodge. There'll be plenty of time for relaxing on the beach, exploring the nearby Mayan ruins and taking advantage of Maya Tulum's unique spa treatments (much raved about by our previous guests - see here).

Food and Accommodations - You'll be served three delicious feasts (buffet style) each day. All meals are vegetarian with fresh fish a few times a week. The restaurant also includes a full bar and an a la carte menu if you prefer (extra charge). Tea, coffee, and filtered water are always available.

The rooms are deluxe or super-deluxe Mayan style palapas (individual cottages) with stone floors and thatched roofs. All rooms are simple, clean and peacefully rustic. Each palapa is located on the beach, facing the Caribbean Sea. You'll have ocean breezes and majestic sunrises. You'll strengthen your body, unwind your mind and enlighten your life, with the Elements of Ashtanga in this earthly paradise.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

- Single Accommodation: $2650 - $2825 p/p
- Double Occupancy Accommodation: $2040 - $2125 p/p.

Price Includes:
- Include accommodation
- All meals and tuition
- Transfers to and from airport
- Mayan sweat lodge.