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Lorella Springs Wilderness Adventure

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 7 day(s)
Group Size: 4 - 9 people
Destination(s): Australia  
Specialty Categories: Wildlife Viewing   Hiking & Trekking  
Season: May - September
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 3450 Australian Dollar (AUD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 3450 Australian Dollar (AUD)

Tour Itinerary:

You will begin your adventure holiday, when you book into your luxury suite in Darwin, where you can relax and unwind and pamper yourself. After an early breakfast you will be picked up by courtesy vehicle and transported to the airport. Here you will meet up with the little plane which will take you on your journey to Lorella Springs. With spectacular scenery flying over some of the Top Ends wet lands, Arnhem Lands escarpment country and across into the remote Gulf of Carpentaria.

You will be greeted by your guide at Lorella’s bush airstrip and be taken by 4 wheel drive vehicle to the Lorella Springs campground and homestead, enjoying the views, wild animals, sights and stories along the bush track. Keep your eyes sharp to see all sorts of birds, animals and scenery along the way. Afternoon outback style lunch and refreshments at the homestead. Relaxing and getting to know each other in the "Magic Thermal Spring".

Then we will do some exploring, fishing, or whatever adventures are happening around the station. Traveling north along the Tawallah ranges. Let’s go to the deep bat cave where the early cattle rustlers used to hang out. Climb to the top of the ridge and survey across this land so vast and beautiful, that in other countries, wars would be fought over it. Look out and realize that just you and a handful of others are sharing an area so huge, that if it had the population density of New York City, there would be 40 million people sharing it with you. This is a land bigger than many countries in the world. Over 20 times the area of Washington DC. Two thousand times the area of Monaco.

Back to base for dinner, grab the torches and then off again to catch Yabbies, or some night croc spotting. Supper, cook up the yabbies that you just caught. Chat with your new found friends, about everything that you have seen and done so far. Drop exhausted into bed and look up at the night sky and see more stars than you ever believed existed in the heavens.

While you are still getting used to your new environment, we take you to see the ruins of some of the earlier pioneer's settlements and homesteads. Understand the hardships they must have endured. Perhaps you would like to see some of the unusual rock formations in the area. Back to camp to again relax in the spring while you’re Station cooked meal is being prepared for you. You need an early night tonight. We've got a lot planned for the next few days.

Over the next few days we are going to be doing a lot more exploring. Travel into the Valley of the Mazes. Walk and climb through an ancient sandstone rock formation created by erosion and weathering. See Buffalo, Pigs and wild Cattle. Stop and view Bird filled Swamps, Lakes and pandanus lined springs, and gradually by 4wdrive we will follow the Rosie creek down to where it meets the tidal salt estuary. Changing scenery again we slowly make our way by boat down to this pristine rivers mouth. Dropping a line in here and there for tonight’s dinner. We will live off the land as much as possible.

We will camp in our tents or swags wherever we end up that night. We have taken the 4 wheel drive vehicle as far as it will go (and you will learn how to take a 4WD where you thought it could never, ever go). We fish and adventure and explore, continuing learning about the bush, the rules of Nature and Survival. At the coast, there is fishing and crabbing like you can not believe (we have flown in by helicopter in previous years). There are sharks, huge saltwater crocodiles, massive wild bulls that have never seen a human being, and every kind of wild life that this untouched wilderness can offer. This is the most remote part of Australia, and possibly Planet Earth.

The Sun rises, the fog lifts and you wake up in splendor as you realize to yourself you truly are in one of the most isolated places on earth. Waking up to wallabies around your tent. Walk up past the "Magic Spring", through mist rising from the hot water, taking in the magnificent golden sunrise through the ranges. Breathe in the pure fresh air. Listen to the silence only broken by the myriads of wild birds and the bush cattle in the distant hills. Look hard to see the odd small croc or a water monitor diving into the creek.

Climb up through crystalline hills, wondering what untouched wealth lies in the next outcrop. Reach the top and look out across this magnificent, fairytale, virgin Kingdom. Look in every direction, as far as you can see, across this land that for the last few days has been your lover, your home. Look inward to the different person that now has grown from the same one that arrived only one week ago.

The planes engines roar as you lift off from the dirt airstrip. Your pilot dipping and swinging the plane for one last look over this huge country you have now grown to love and some beautiful scenic country only accessible by foot. Tonight you will be relaxing in your Darwin Luxury Hotel, trying to put into words, the feeling deep inside, of how you have changed.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

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